Monday, July 25, 2011


Sometimes Jared starts randomly singing in the shower. I think its quite funny. Out of nowhere this morning he started belting out the Star Spangled Banner, so I did what any good wife would do. . . grabbed a camera and recorded it! Pretty freakin hilarious! And don't worry, he doesn't pop out behind the shower curtain or anything in the video, but you have to listen it's so funny!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soccer Fun

We've been watching alot of soccer the past month with the USA doing so well in the Women's World Cup, so we were both excited when my parents got all of us siblings tickets to go see a Real Salt Lake game this past weekend. Salt Lake has a pretty good team and it was fun to be able to watch a game live. It was cool too because they also had fireworks after the game for Pioneer Day! Only downside was having to sit behind some ridiculous fans. They were all drunk by the end of the game and we were lucky enough to witness one of the girls give her boyfriend a lap dance during the fireworks. . . so scarred by that image!

Haha, this is the typical face
we get when we try to take his picture!

Caught a smile

These crazy fans played the drums
and some tambourine thing the WHOLE game
they only stopped during halftime!

I guess he thought my lap was comfortable
or something like that, ha

All these people went down on the field after
the game to get a better view of the fireworks

Pretty sure this was his first experience
with fireworks, it was a success!

With Pop-Pop

In other news, Jared has been applying for jobs all over and this weekend he applied for one at Smith Optics. It's the company that makes nice sunglasses and skiing goggles etc. It seems like a pretty sweet job, but the company is located right by Sun Valley Idaho, aka, the middle of nowhere. I didn't know this before yesterday, but I guess Sun Valley is Idaho's version of Park City. Jared would probably love it considering all of the snowboarding he could do in the winter and all the biking he could do in the summer, but I for one, would have to get used to the freezing blizzard of winter doom! Overall though its probably the job he has been most excited about applying for the past couple of weeks, so pray that he will get an interview this week! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Look!

My husband is pretty cool. . . why, you ask?? Cause he created our amazing blog title header thingy! Isn't it awesome?! That's what a degree in graphic design gets you people, the skills to do cool creative stuff like that! I was getting sick of our brown/green busy blog layout this past week, so I switched over to a more simple design and then begged Jared to make us a sweet header, which he did tonight. I told him he should start a business, I bet people would pay money to have great looking original designs like that compared to some of the stuff out there!