Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Suits!

We happened to run across a buy one get one free deal at Men's Warehouse a couple of weeks ago and decided that it was a good time to get Jared a new suit. He's got such a slim body that we thought a more Euro or modern suit would look better on him than what he has now. We were definitely right! I'm usually not one to brag about how handsome her husband is, but he looks dang good in these suits!! :)

This one is my favorite, I love the color!

Ha, I made him do a model shot! :)

Jared likes this one a little bit better

We still ended up spending quite a bit of money for both, but we figured its a long term investment and something he can have for the next 15 years or so!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Baby Shower Ever!

I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of baby/bridal showers. I don't mind them, especially when its family members or good friends, but I don't get super excited about them. Anyway, tonight was my old roommate Julia's baby shower (you should check her blog by the way HILARIOUS. . . she's on my friend list "Jules and Sloan") and it was seriously one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time! First of all, Jules makes any get together fun because she's got such a great sense of humor and she tells great stories, second, most of us there used to live in the same apartment complex back in the day so it was awesome to catch up with each other.

The particular apartment that I lived in housed me, Jules, Kira and Marin. We've all gone our separate ways now but we had some seriously great times together when we lived there. Marin couldn't come to Jules' shower but while we were there, the rest of us had a good laugh at some of our old inside jokes. Haha, there was one day a few years ago when I got into a freakin weird mood. We were all hangin out in our living room and I randomly shouted out, "Lets do something crazy... like drive down to Vegas to see the water fountains!!!" haha they all got a kick out of it and Jules replied, in a very fast high pitched nerdy voice, "Stacie's gone wild driving to Vegas to see the water fountains!" Obviously it was way more hilarious to us in the moment, but after that every time I did something remotely funny, or even normal stuff I recieved a, "Stacie's gone wild making dinner in the kitchen!" "Stacie's gone wild picking boogers out of her nose" or my personal favorite that Jules reminded me of today (while we were doing donuts in my car in our parking lot after church one time) "Stacie's gone wild playing chicken with dangerous vehicles!!" LOL oh man I was seriously laughing so hard today, I even got tears in my eyes and that never happens!

Another random moment that came up today was when Marin told us about a time when she was driving up to a family cabin or something, and they passed through a ranch gate that said "Grandpa's Shining Mountain. . . The Laughing Place" For some reason at the time we thought this was so funny and we decided to refer to our apartment as The Laughing Place from then on. At the shower tonight, Jules had little onesies and t-shirts that we could color with fabric pens, so Kira and I got this bright idea to leave our legacy for the next generation. . . hence the extremely ugly onsies and t-shirt that we made for Jules!! To my credit, Kira was responsible for the "Grandpa's Shining Moment" onesie, haha the yellow spray marker paint thingy did not work out so well for her!

Me, Jules and Kira
(Sorry this picture is so grainy looking, bad quality!)

Kira's brilliant work!! Bahaha

Thanks again Kir for putting together the party tonight. Thanks Jules for having a baby so we had an excuse to get together and to Marin for always keeping us entertained when we lived together. You girls are some of the best roommies I've had, love you all!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

True "Zoob"

For those of you (Te-Te and Oma) who don't know what a "Zoob" is, let me explain. A "Zoob" refers to those BYU students, the ones who have a 4.0 GPA, kids that wear knee length tan cargo shorts (whether they are boys or girls, they still wear um!) with Birkenstocks, the ones who go to all sporting events and now have Jimmer shirts adorning their closests. . . basically it just refers to the stereotypical perfect BYU student. Anyway, one activity that all Zoobs have to participate in is hiking the "Y" (see pic below). I'm well into my fifth year living in Provo and have successfully avoided this typical Zoob activity until last night.

Last night my friend Maddi (who I met when I was her TA last Fall semester, randomness!) invited us to hike the Y with her and her fiance, Alex. We decided that we might as well since I had never done it and we only have so many more days left in P-Town. I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I had thought, considering you basically hike straight up a mountain! It was fun to have our friends there because the conversation passed the time alot more quickly! The view was pretty, even at nightime! Although I don't consider myself to be a Zoob, I'm glad I was able to hike it. . .

Here is the famous "Y"
Quite the little hike

Take 1: Jared is too far away

Take 2: Alex cuts his own head off, ha!

Take 3: That'll have to do! :)

Mountain man as usual... So excited to use his
"enhances your night vision red light" headlamp haha

See Maddi, third group picture, we totally have the same eye color, crazy! No wonder we are both so beautiful! ;)

For a quick update. Jared and I are completely 100% done with taking classes at BYU forever and ever and ever!!! We both finished up our classes this past week and it feels great! Granted we both still have to finish a few things before we are completely done with our programs (Me: Obviously my thesis of doom! Jared: One design project), but we never have to take a real class again which is amazing! Jared is now completely immersed in the dreaded job hunt while working on campus full time, I am only working about 15 hrs a week and spending the rest of my time on that dang thesis I have to finish. We have no clue where we are going to be in three months, but neither of us are worrying about it overly much. It all depends on where Jared can get a job. Prayers are appreciated :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recent Events

Well it's been a crazy past couple of weeks. We were up in Portland/Washington for Brandt's wedding, and this past weekend my mom came into town for my birthday and to help out Whit with Drake since she's in school this term. I've tried to be better about taking pictures, so here is some documentation of the events! By the way, there are quite a few pictures of my nephew on here. My mom, aunt and grandma have been complaining because my sister doesn't update her blog very often (she's busy with school) so I've decided to help them out and take some pics of him for them to look at.

Portland Temple where Crystal and Brandt got married

I love her dress, it was beautiful on her!

At the reception. . . Jared wasn't too happy that he had to wear a tux!

Jared's sisters Heidi and Mikell, our sister-in-law Sheena, then me!

With Jared's grandma, such a sweet lady!

On Memorial Day we decided to go on a hike
up to a cave, it was a pretty hike!

Models?? We've got potential!

The result of the road rash I got a couple weeks ago
it looks about 100 times better than it did at first!

With Meliss and Whit on my birthday

Don't be fooled by my sister. . . she uses fake tanner! :)
I'll be as tan as her one of these days,
it just has to warm up here in P-Town first!

Jared and Drake playing in the sandbox

We decided to go on a little walk with
Whit's dog Odie. Haha, Drake never looks at the camera!

Ha, with a little cake mustache!

I look old in this picture... I'm only 24 promise!

This was at Jared's senior BFA show project thinger up on campus at BYU. This is what he's been working on for the past month or so. It's a play off of ownership where people can take any of the objects in those boxes as long as they leave something of equal or greater value in return. It has been interesting to see what people leave. . . Jared orginially put in some pretty sweet stuff to be exchanged, but as the show has gone on the past week we've decided that alot people are pretty inconsiderate. Some people have been leaving trash, open bottles of Pepto Bismol, used cough syrup cups, nothing etc. Maybe its due to the fact that mostly college students are the ones exchanging objects, but seriously people, grow up! Anyway, so yesterday my mom, Whit and Drake came to see the show and there happened to be a Lightning McQueen car (that grammy put on the shelf) available for Drake to exchange for, he was pretty excited about it!

My birthday was really fun. We went to church in the morning and then had dinner up at Whit's that night, went on a walk, watched some basketball. Mikell was able to come over too which was cool! We are almost done with this spring term now, only one more week! This coming week I have to take my Master's Exam, the test of doom, that all 1st year grad students have to take, shoot me now. They give you a week to write 8 essay responses. Luckily its a pass/fail exam that doesn't have an affect on your grades, but I'm still not looking forward to it. Hope this is enough pics for everybody, I'm going to be MIA for the next couple of weeks, so peace out!