Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

What a week we've had! Jared and I got to spend part of the week in STG with my family and then we spent yesterday and today up here in P-town with Jared's family, so we got the best of both worlds. Here's a brief run down of the week. . .

Monday- Jared and I got to watch our nephew Drake (a.k.a Drool Bucket, Mr. Big, Biggie, Poopy Face, Big Little etc.) for the whole day. It was kind of fun to play parents until he started blowing out his diapers with large amounts of nasty poop! Overall it was very fun though!

Have you ever seen a cuter baby then this kid?!

Tuesday- It was Jared's Birthday! We celebrated with birthday dinner in his honor. . . BBQ Beef sandwiches and spice cake! Then he got to open presents. He got a pretty stash this year. Of course my dad got him a tool set, which Jared loved, and I got him a few other things to open, just random stuff. . . see pics below

Kind of ironic that you would need a screw driver to get into the tool kit!

Some of his favorite treats and then an inside joke with the Lego set!

Wednesday- My parents, Jared and I all woke up really sick, which was a freakin bummer. We all had flu symptoms and we didn't do much of anything except lay around and try not to move.

Thursday- Since we had all been sick the day before we didn't know if we'd even have Thanksgiving Dinner. Luckily when we woke up we were all feeling better so we had a relaxing day with a full blown turkey dinner that night. Jared and I scored great with the leftovers since it was just the four of us. (We didn't want to pass our sickness on to anybody else so my Whit's family didn't come over) My dad, the gem, put up christmas lights for my mom so we had a lighting ceremony after dinner.

Friday- My mom wanted to go door busting with me and Jared, but we wanted nothing to do with it! Instead we slept in for a while and then went over to my sister's house to hang out for a little while before heading back to Provo. Whit had an extra Christmas Tree (a fake one) so she gave it to us and we packed it up in the car and cruised home. We headed up to SLC and met Jared's family at some shops. We found some cool ornaments there. I got a basketball one, of course, and Jared got a cute little snowman. We all went to a movie later, that 2012 movie. It was. . . interesting, and I'll leave it at that! On the way home from Salt Lake, Jared and I stopped at a Wal Mart and got some more ornaments so we could decorate out tree!

Saturday- We went out to lunch with Jared's parents and Mikell. When we got home we decided to go to the mall since Jared had some birthday money to spend. He totally lucked out and got a pair of jeans, two dress shirts and a nice tie for only 100 bucks!! We watched the BYU vs. Utah game, and can I just say that Max Hall is seriously the most inconsistent QB! He seriously drives me crazy, but at least they won. . . miracle. . .

Our cute tree!

Observe: Jared is wearing Vans!! Also, his tie is amazing (I picked it out!)

He was so excited to show me his new outfit, looking pretty good baby

My sweet basketball ornament!

My hair is short! I got it cut a few weeks ago, but these are the first pictures I've taken with the new cut. It's grown on me, I like it now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

I happened to be blog stalking one of my sister's friend and on the birthday of loved ones, this girl happens to list off 100 things about the birthday girl/boy. . . I thought that was a great idea and since it happens to be the birthday of my most favorite person in the world, I figured I'd do the same! So here's 100 things about Jared

1- He was a super cute baby/little boy (I've seen pictures!)
2- He ran cross country in high school
3- He only went to one school dance
4- He is the youngest boy in his family
5- He gets along with all of his siblings
6- He doesn't loose his temper very often (but look out when he does! ha, just kiddin babe)
7- He refuses to drive more then 5 mph over the legal speed limit
8- He is obsessed with riding his bikes. . . road bike and mountain bike
9- He loves to do things outside
10- He likes to go trail running
11- He has a fetish for sweater vests
12- He has smelly feet
13- He can't stand showering in hot water
14- He is extremely patient in almost all situations
15- He is a hard worker
16- He likes to hold my hand
17- He has a cute laugh, and if he laughs really hard his eyes start to water
18- He swears by Miracle Whip (which causes problems in our household since I don't touch the stuff!)
19- He likes to watch HGTV with me
20- He reads his scriptures every morning, and gets up extra early to do it
21- He rides his bike to school every day so I can take the car
22- He has a fun sense of humor
23- He likes to watch movie trailers on the Apple website
24- He always tells me about the cool things he learns at class everyday
25- He leads by example
26- He is the most considerate person I know
27- He loves wearing Chacos, even when it's freezing outside
28- He loves to snowboard
29- He is sad that his brother Blake moved away so they can't go skiing together this winter
30- He will eat anything I make
31- He tells me I'm beautiful almost every single day
32- He has very long eyelashes
33- He has very light green eyes
34- He loves spending time with his family
35- He loves our niece and nephews
36- He always makes our bed every morning
37- He does the dishes without being asked
38- He's OCD about vacuuming
39- He makes sure to spend time with me even though he is SO FREAKIN BUSY this semester
40- He refuses to go to the gym. . . he thinks its lame
41- He went to school in Hawaii for a year before his mission
42- He served his mission in Vera Cruz Mexico
43- He likes to speak Spanish whenever he gets the opportunity
44- He makes funny noises when we are by ourselves
45- He is really good at ultimate frisbee
46- He is not so good at any other sport that requires coordination
47- He is a good listener
48- He doesn't like being in large groups
49- He doesn't like being the center of attention
50- He thinks before he says anything
51- He can be very stubborn sometimes
52- He pays attention to detail
53- He is somewhat of a handy man
54- He is amazing at graphic design
55- He is very humble and doesn't give himself enough credit for the amazing things he does
56- He has to wear glasses sometimes
57- He likes to sing to songs even though he doesn't know the words
58- He talks to himself when he's working on his designs
59- He talks to the TV at times. . .
60- He can't stand "Utah" drivers
61- He gives himself haircuts
62- He has a cowlick on the back of his head that makes his hair stick up like a five year old! haha
63- He doesn't like to dance
64- He doesn't like confrontation
65- He is quick to apologize
66- He usually has something to say about everything
67- He is a happy person
68- He loves to eat chips and salsa
69- He loves to get his back scratched
70- He is very picky about his ties
71- He doesn't like to go shopping
72- He is picky about shirts/shorts/shoes/pants etc. which is why he doesn't like to go shopping (and why I can't stand to go shopping with him!)
73- He checks the weather about 10 times a day
74- He is very loyal to his friends and family
75- He is a good writer
76- He is dependable and follows through on his word
77- He has bowed legs
78- He can't stand fo-hawks and thinks all boys who have them are dumb
79- He doesn't wear cologne, but he still smells really good
80- He will forever be skinny. . . he hasn't gained an ounce since we started dating and I feed him all the time!
81- He gets into these design frenzies where he'll bust out a huge project in just a couple of hours
82- He is a strong person and handles stress well
83- He makes everyday a good day
84- He is a very optimistic person
85- He doesn't let his frustrations linger
86- He is someone that people can count on to get things done
87- He is easy to talk to
88- He always gives me a kiss goodbye
89- He is very kind and genuine
90- He almost got kidnapped when he was 7
91- He is going to be a very good dad
92- He wants to have 10 kids ha
93- He is ambitious and excited about the future
94- He is very talented and good at everything
95- He is always considerate about my feelings and wants me to be happy
96- He always looks really cute in the morning
97- He likes to tell stories
98- He is goofy and doesn't care
99- He tries to help me cook and it cracks me up since he's a pot watcher
100- He is the best husband/son/brother/uncle ever!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Latest

The past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy for Jared and I. As the semester is coming closer to the end, Jared's school has gotten extremely busy, and I've been getting more antsy to get done with my student teaching. As much as I love teaching, and my students, I'm still looking forward to being done with it. I haven't anticipated a Thanksgiving break as much as this year!! Jared has been designing some pretty cool stuff. He's in the process of creating a website where he'll post his portfolio, so when he gets it finished we'll let everybody know. Other items of importance that have happened

- I chopped off a couple of inches of my hair (sorry no pictures yet) I haven't had it this short since high school, but now that I'm used to it, I really like it.

- Jared bought his very first pair of VANS the other day, it is truly a miracle!!! :)

- Some of my kids in Geometry class figured out my first name, and now think it's the funniest thing in the world to call me "Ms. Stacie" outside the classroom

- I played in a Faculty vs. Students flag football game yesterday at school yesterday and I totally juked some of the 9th grade boys so now they think I'm cool

- I beat some kids in a friendly game of Horse the other day after school, so I'm know known as a "Baller" with the boys basketball team

- Jared's birthday is coming up on Tuesday, so I went shopping and got him a pair of jeans, a shirt and a tie. . . I'm really lame and couldn't wait to give it to him so I already let him have it even though the big day isn't till next week!

- I'm playing intramural volleyball with some other couples in our ward (Jared was lame and decided he didn't want to play with us!) its been really fun so far, we're playing in the tournament now and it's going well!

- I got called into the Relief Society presidency in our ward a couple of weeks ago. It was a little overwhelming at first because I felt like I didn't know anybody, but it's really been fun and I've liked getting to know more people.

- Jared has been checking the weather religiously the past week (like seriously 10 times a day!) and he loves to tell me about some mountain in Washington that "Already has 4 feet of snow!!!!!!!" (I honestly don't care all that much about snow, in fact I actually hate it, so it's funny to me that he still has to give me the weather update every half hour!)

Anyway, I've been having flashbacks to high school basketball days since the college basketball season has started and I've been watching lots of games. I decided to pull out some of my old high school pictures, and here are a few of the good ones I have. . . Ha, we were so tiny! Most of us are married now, and a few already have kids. It's crazy to think how much has changed since we were at good ol' PV

We were definitely a goofy group!!

Our varsity team, I was #5

I have huge hands, but it's still freakin hard to palm two balls at the same time!

Playin some D

At a tournament in Arizona

Haha, that's my game face!

Three Ball!

Warmin up

We always went on a team hike at Zion National Park every year

Oh man good times with all my girls! Sometimes I wish I could go back for like a week, ha I probably couldn't handle all the drama much longer then that! It's crazy how basketball consumed my life during high school, but I really wouldn't trade it for anything. The things I've learned from playing on a team has made me such a better person.

(Haha, I'm going back through these pictures and I was seriously so HUGE in high school. . . I've probably lost 20 pounds since I graduated, and now I have no muscle and I'm a wimp!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crazy Videos!

Haha, these are old videos of Jared and I. . . we are weird!

As you can see, I am very obsessed with Guitar Hero. . . I even played it one time last year with my headphones in so I wouldn't disturb my roomies who were "supposedly" studying. . . Kell caught me on video

The one and only time you'll ever see Jared dance. . . totally worth it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

For Poots

Jared and I are not the kind of people that go all out for Holidays. . . Jared doesn't even like to dress up for Halloween (sad i know) which means we really didn't have any big plans for this Halloween. The only family tradition that I can even remember regarding Halloween was doing "Dinner in a Pumpkin" every year. Don't worry, it's not like we really cook our dinner in the pumpkin, my mom would make stew and then put foil in a carved out pumpkin so we could serve the soup from it. Anyway, I didn't think it was that of a deal, or technically even a tradition, at least not until I got a nasty message from my dear big sister who told me I was a disgrace to the family if I didn't carry on the tradition of dinner in a pumpkin (ha jk Whit, it really wasn't that nasty and I know you still love me!) Funny thing was, Jared and I had gone to the store just that morning to get some groceries and I had bought the ingredients to get soup because I thought a nice hot dinner during this cold fall of doom sounded nice. Anyway I called my sister back and she convinced me that I needed to buy a pumpkin so we could have dinner out of it. . . So here's some pictures for you Poots, hope you are happy I have carried on the family "tradition"!

My amazing pumpkin carving skills!

Jared's version of "artistic photography" which in reality is just a bad angle of my face!

Dinner is served!

He looks so happy about it baha :)

Jared being geeky

Me being geeky

I don't like carrots