Friday, February 1, 2013

Well. . .

It's nice to have a talented husband who can 
create cool things like a baby announcement!

Jared and I found out right before Christmas that we are going to have a baby in August! We are excited and looking forward to the craziness that comes with parenthood. I'm about 12 weeks along and so far I've been feeling pretty good. We surprised our families with the news as their Christmas presents from us, and the reactions are pretty priceless haha!

My Family 

(my sister is a little crazy lol!)

Jared's Family

When we were in STG we got some family pictures taken before we told everybody. We came across this wall that some other couples must have used to take pregnancy pictures and everybody thought it would be funny if Jared and I took a picture like that as a joke. . . little did they know we really were expecting! Thanks to Wess and Melissa's little niece Lila for standing in as our prop in this picture!

Anyway, I'm sure there will be more details to share in the future, but we just wanted everybody to know our fun news!