Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maawage is what brings us togetha today. . .

Well I promised that I wouldn't blog again for another month, but I happen to be very bored this afternoon waiting for my cute husband to come home from work, so I figured I would post something about marriage since we've just barely entered that phase in our lives. I figured I'd post a little something about the things I've realized since being married. . . (in no particular order mind you)

1- I am actually a pretty decent cook and I happen to like it alot! This would make my mom and grandma proud! The coolest thing I've made so far was lasagna. . . thanks to my in-laws awesome recipe, it turned out amazing!
2- We have lost our desire to be social, yeah we are pretty lame like that!
3- Jared sings all of the time and talks to himself while he is concentrating really hard on something.
4- The one and only time I've slept alone in the last month, I slept diagonally across the bed, it was so awesome!
5- We are both clean freaks, but Jared is alot worse. . . he vacuums at least twice a week, but I guess I should be grateful that he is so good about helping out around the house
6- We love to make homemade ice cream. Haha, Jared tried to make this Lemon Sorbet kind of deal last night and happened to add way more then a "dash" of salt, haha it was pretty nasty!
7- My Guitar Hero obsession has not gone away now that I'm married
8- I can no longer function on less then 8 hours of sleep. . . we are usually so good about going to bed early, but if we are up late at all I am a zombie in the morning! I don't know how I survived college before marriage, I used to stay up till midnight or later every single day we were dating and would get up at like 6 every morning for school, it was brutal!
9- Whenever Jared brushes his teeth he walks around the apartment for no good reason. . .
10- Neither of us sleep good if we are too hot, we have to turn on the AC right before we go to bed
11- Definitely got nauseous a few mornings in a row which scared the heck out of me. . . luckily it was a false alarm!! I will probably be a paranoid freak anytime I get a stomach ache for the next several years!
12- We got ourselves a computer because Jared is doing graphic design in school, and I'd actually like to be able to see my husband at night instead of having him up at school all the time!
13- Jared's appetite has not gotten any smaller. . . he still eats like a horse!
14- Sometimes you just have to laugh at all the dumb things that happen throughout the day
15- Married student wards are actually kind of cool. . . except that every girl who speaks has to tell their own personal "love story" which is kind of annoying! We have to speak in church on Sunday and I refuse to tell our story
16- I've become addicted to HGTV. . . it's all I watch anymore, what's even more funny though is that I have come home to Jared watching HGTV all by himself several times in the past couple of weeks! It makes me laugh every time!
17- Jared and I both love watching movies on our sweet TV (thank you target gift cards!)
18- Did I mention that Jared randomly sings and talks to himself?? Yeah he's doin it right now!
19- Getting your last name changed is a pain in the BUTT!
20- Being married is great!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Once this post is done, I swear I'm not posting for a month! Too many posts in a short period of time! But here are some pictures from the Reception, I'll probably be posting some more at some future time because my amazing friend Kiely took a bunch of pics at the reception with her sweet camera, thanks Kiely, you are awesome!!!!
Okay there's a story behind this first picture. These girls are two sisters Macey (on the left) and Made (on the right) who both have down-syndrome. Macey is probably 15 now and Madi is 14, they are the coolest girls ever and we have been friends with their family for years. Madi and Macey were both so excited to come to my wedding, they even called my cell phone and left a message telling me how excited they were to see me in my princess dress. Well at the Luncheon I was able to introduce these girls to Jared. I went up to Madi and put my arm around her and said, "Madi, this is my brand new husband Jared." and Madi responded with. . . "Hubba Hubba!" Oh man, that us all laugh so hard, she is so darn cute! Later she told me that he was "Dreamy" but she didn't want to give him a hug because he had "Cooties" LOL she eventually did end up giving him a hug and I'm sure it made her whole day!

My dad and my brother

I love this picture! We have the coolest friends ever
in Brent and Ashley!

Cole enjoying the food

Us with our Sealer, Stan McConkie who
happens to work with my dad
and just happens to be
Bruce R. McConkie's son
we got really lucky!

I found out that Halle loves to dance!

He picked a fight with me, and it turned out pretty messy!

First Dance

Jared with my Oma

Dancing with William

Stand by for more pics from the reception when I get around to posting them!


Well people, here ya go! Pics of the big day :) We had such a great time and we were so happy to have all of our family and friends there!

Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons!

Halle was so dang cute and gave me a daisy
I put it in my bouquet!

The kids were so excited to see us
we loved it!

Haha I love this picture for two reasons
1- Jared's face
2- William is eatings something
which is so classic William!

Sisters for real now!


Us with my Oma

With Melissa, who will hopefully
be my sister-in-law someday!

With my brother Nick

With Whit. . . haha that sounds funny
"With Whit"

With Grandma Pitts

With our nephew Drake

With all my friends from school!

With Jared's parents Mike and Carolyn

Grandma Pitts, Jeff and baby Andrew

I don't know why but I love this pic
of Cole!

The only pic we took in front of the
temple, we like to keep things simple!

We love each other!

I loved my dress, just not all these
dang buttons that had to be done up!

That's all I'm going to post from the Temple, if you want to see more, just let me know!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family BBQ

Here are some pictures from the family BBQ we had the day before Jare Bear and I got married. It was so much fun to get all of our family from both sides together for some good food and fun. We went to this cool park in STG that had a big playground and splash pad that the kids could play in, I think they had a really good time. It was also the first time that I met members of Jared's extended family, so that was really cool for me, they are all awesome! Anyway, here are some pictures from that. . . the actual wedding day pics are coming soon! By the way, these happen to be in reverse order because I am clueless when it comes to blogging!

Cole's really cool face paint! :)

Halle decided to be a kitty of course!

Kell with cute little Andrew

My dad was showing Cole
how loud the Harley can get!

Love this face! :)


Carolyn playin with William and Cole

Andrew is such an adorable baby!

True love...baha!

Well there you have it. . . if you want to see more pictures, just let me know and I'll email them to you or something!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pics Coming Soon!

Well Jared and I are officially married now! It was a beautiful day filled with awesome events. Haha, yesterday I had a friend ask me if it was the day of my dreams, and honestly I didn't know what to answer. I've never been the type of girl to dream about my wedding day, or even play dress up (I was more of a GI Joe fan!) so I didn't really have many expectations for the actual day. It ended up being super fun though, and I'm just so happy to be married to such a wonderful guy. Love you babe! Anyway, I've been slacking with the whole picture posting thing, but I promise to have some up here as soon as I find the time!