Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things that make me smile. . .

This pictures makes me laugh!

After yesterday's little rant, I'm in a much better mood today and have decided to compile a list of things that make me smile.

-Having my mom go grocery shopping with me when she's in town, she always buys us junk food that I refuse to buy on my own because I'm too cheap! :)

-Going back to Target and finding the blouse I wanted in the right size, then coming home and modeling the new outfits I could make with that blouse to Jared and having him tell me I'm hott!

-Facebook stalking into a couple who just adopted a baby boy and looking through their pictures from the day he was born.

-Listening to Jared sing in the shower haha!

-Watching Melanie on So You Think You Can Dance, I love this dance as well as this one!

-Being able to talk to my Aunt on the phone, she's the best

-Jared having a job interview with a company that he really likes on Friday morning

-Being able to road trip to Colorado Springs with Jared to said interview!

-Singing this song in my car at the top of my lungs! Haha, gotta love middle school!

-Kickin the crap out of my highest Fruit Ninja score!

I could go on and on, but those are the first things that come to my mind! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things that bug . . .

Doesn't this picture just crack you up?! Hahaha

I don't know why, but I am in a pessimistic frame of mind this fine day. . . so I'm letting it all out there on my list of "things that bug," which is a list of things that probably bug other people too, so join me in my little rant! (Disclaimer: None of the following statements are made in real anger, mostly with a smirk and shake of my head at the antics of some people! haha)

-Incompetent professionals who say they are going to call but never do, and who don't have the decency to write you an email to say that they need to reschedule. . . idiots! (Who then email you back several days later to "apologize" and see if they can set up another time to talk. . . thanks but no thanks lady!!)

-Seeing girls in shorts so short that the pockets hang lower than the hem of the short, sorry but I don't want to see your butt cheeks thank you very much!

-Crazy back-to-school shoppers at Walmart, I swear they are out for blood!

-The customer service girl at the Orem Target who tells me the American Fork store has the blouse in the size I need, so I drive up there at 9:30pm only to find out they actually don't have it, and that the customer service girl should have told me they only update inventory in the mornings. . . another incompetent!

-Big boobs and a small waist. . . I could have avoided the whole Target fiasco in the first place if my freakin boobs didn't cause the buttons of the aforementioned blouse to pop open!

-The fact that it took over three weeks to get a paid for one of my jobs. . . don't they know that we are poor?!

-Landlords who bark up our tree if we are a couple days late on our rent (we forgot to pay before we spent a weekend down in STG) but who consistently don't deposit our rent checks until well after the 15th every month!

-All of these college girls who create blogs so that they can post pictures of what they wear every single day, along with where they bought every single piece of clothing in that outfit. Yes you have cute clothes, thank you for bestowing your genius on us lesser folks who have no style!

-(This one's for my sister) Crazy old ladies that live down the street who don't know how to mind their own business, who are a bit mean and nasty, and who take it upon themselves to uphold every single detail of the stupid HOA policies . . . thanks for providing an example of exactly what I DON'T want to be like when I'm in my 70's and losing my mind!

-Provo before the start of a new school year. . . the source of all the insane Walmart shoppers!

-Utah Valley highway construction, thanks for making all of our lives a bit more miserable!

-Overpaid athletes who think they are are the shizz, "I'm not going to sign a contract for only 8 million per year, I'm totally worth at least 12!" Wow, only 8 million a year, cry me a frickin river you fool!

-Spilling a glob of peanut butter on my foot. . . don't ask, not telling!

-Seeing a six year old walking home from school talking on a cell phone, come on people, we have to draw the line somewhere!

Well that's a long enough list for now, I'm feeling much better now :) Hope you were able to get a good laugh, or at least that we are in agreement on some!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Update

It's been, and will be quite the week. Best news of all though, we have a brand new niece!! Jared's brother Blake and his wife Sheena are now parents to a cute little girl named Hannah Claire, who was born this past Sunday afternoon. We are so excited for them, although somewhat bummed for ourselves because we haven't seen her yet and we don't know when we'll be able to make it up to Seattle to visit! They are going to be the best parents in the world and we can't wait to get to know that little angel. On Monday, Jared was able to get quite a bit of feedback from different studios that he has been in contact with. He has an interview Friday morning with a company called SRAM, they are a company that makes bike parts like brakes and cranks (I don't even know what a crank is, I've just heard Jared toss the term around and I'm assuming they make those, ha!) and other cool parts that I don't know about! Anyway, their marketing team is based in Colorado Springs, which seems like a fun place to live, and we'd take it over NYC or some other big cities, so keep him in your prayers! He is also in contact with a bigger design company that has offices in NYC, Chicago and Minneapolis. A guy who went through Jared's same program a couple years ago works for them in NYC, so he is helping Jared get his foot in the door. They've been looking through his website the past couple of days, so hopefully he gets an email from their hiring team this week, we will keep our fingers crossed! I'm doing well, just working and trying to get ready for this up coming semester. Right now the plan is for me to stay in Provo for at least fall semester regardless of whether or not Jared gets a job elsewhere. We'd save a ton of money on tuition and I actually make really good money teaching on campus, so we think it might be the best option financially for us, but we'll see if we change our minds if the distance actually becomes reality. I got assigned to teach a math course that students have to take if they are in the elementary education program. I think it should be pretty fun! It covers very basic topics, like operations on multidigit numbers, integers, polygons etc. but it goes into alot more detail with each topic. Luckily our department has already created a curriculum for the course, so I won't have to develop my own lesson plans and worksheets from scratch, but I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the next few weeks preparing for to teach it though. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine named Melissa visited Provo and we were able to get together one of our old roommates Kira for dinner. Melis has been in DC the past few years teaching and has made the move out to California to teach out there. She stopped by on her way through and it was great to get together and reminisce about the good ol' Branbury days! This weekend we are going to help my sister and her family move back down to STG. We are sad they are leaving us, but its a good move for their family. Whit is going to be doing the nursing program at Dixie State, so that will be great for her. It's going to be hotter than crap down there, but we are going to stay a few extra days so we can hang out and take a break from job hunting and working. It's been a stressful summer and we are both sick of it! :) I stole these pics from both Sheena's and Melissa's blogs, but I wanted to post them myself too!

Little Hannah

Kira, Melissa and I

Haha, I compared this picture of the three of us to some that we have from when we all lived together and I look so different! These other two ladies are still as gorgeous as ever (although Kira has a little more grey now, I love her grey hair, it's tight!!), but I've grown up alot in the past four years, I don't even look the same anymore!