Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seven Months

Another month down, but I feel like Asher has changed a lot these past few weeks! He's becoming more mobile and social, it's been pretty fun to see him figure out all his new tricks. Here are things I want to remember about him at seven months. . .

- He is much better at sitting up by himself now. At church the other day he sat up for the entire first hour without falling over once. He's getting better at slowly lowering himself to the ground when he is reaching for his toys, so it's not as hard of a fall for him, which is nice.

- He is on his way to crawling. He is able to get up onto his knees and rock back and forth. He also does some good planking when he gets up onto his toes. He hasn't realized that he needs to move his hands and arms forward in order to get anywhere, but I'm sure he'll have it figure out here pretty soon. He does know how to do a pretty good army crawl though, so he's able to get to his toys or whatever else is within reasonable reach. We are going to have to figure out what to do about a baby gate because the area around our stairs is in an irregular shape, but I'm sure we will be able to find something that will work.

- He does this funny thing where he will lean over onto his side into what we call his "super model pose," it cracks us up! When he gets excited he also rocks back and forth on his butt, it's really funny!

- He has discovered a love for balls and cars. We had this squishy soccer ball laying around and he really loves to "play catch" with us, which basically means we roll the ball towards him and he tries to smack it with his hands. The last couple of time we've been over at my sister's, Drake has let him play with some of his match box cars and he really likes grabbing onto those.

- He has still been getting up before us in the mornings, he just hangs out in his crib until we go in and get him up around 7 am. He's never crying or upset when we get him so I'm happy to just leave him in there to play with himself until we are ready to get up! He has figured out how to fall asleep on his stomach and roll around however he wants during the night, which is a big relief.

- The sounds that he makes are starting to sound more varied to us, like he's actually trying to say something with his baby talk. Before he mostly just grunted, but now he's starting to make different sounds and squeal a little bit more.

- He is still a very observant little baby and has a pretty good poker face. Sometimes it takes him a few minutes to warm up to new people and surroundings. It's really hard for him to concentrate on eating when we are in new places.

- He is solidly into his 6-9 month clothes and most of them fit perfectly now, which means they will probably be too small in a few weeks!

- He is a really good eater. He loves all of the baby food we have given him, and we've even fed him some food off of our plates and he loves that too! He eats chicken and turkey now without any problem. I gave him some soup I made that had curry in it the other day and he downed that. We also gave him some white chili we were eating yesterday and he ate that too. I hope that he continues to be a good eater, although I'm sure he will start to get more picky as time goes on. He still has four bottles a day, usually 8 oz in the morning and then around 6 - 7 oz in the next three.

- People always comment on how crazy his eyelashes are, which I agree, they are freakishly long!

- He loves touching everything with his fingers. He usually touches things with his fingers before he actually grabs at it. He has started flipping us off on the regular now, kind of cute coming from a babe.

- If he is outside and it's windy, he will stick his tongue out of his mouth like he's trying to catch it haha!

- He's still taking three naps a day and they usually happen at 8:30, 12:30 and 4:00. The length of nap varies from day to day, but he almost always sleeps longest in the morning and the 4:00 nap is very hit and miss. It's funny, I didn't think the time change would have any effect on us because Asher is so little, but it's a lot harder for us to get him in bed for the night by 7:30 when it's still light outside. We are trying to be good because we know he is tired, but his bed time has moved back about a half hour since the time change, oh well.

- He still hasn't experienced any separation anxiety (knock on wood) and doesn't mind being passed around at church or at family gatherings.

- We recently discovered that he hates the sound of our blender. It's the only thing that makes him cry when he's perfectly content right before that. The kid has fallen face first into the wall and doesn't shed a tear, but the second we turn on the blender he starts getting a sad face and is a pile of tears haha.

- Now that the weather is getting warmer, I try to take him out on a walk through the neighborhood every day. He loves sitting in the umbrella stroller because he can look around at everything. He just sits there taking in the view and clicks his little heels together, so cute.

- He still loves to look at himself in the mirror. He really likes being around other babies, so I assume he is just thinking, "hey look, there's another baby!"

We call this his golf outfit haha

Licking the wind, or something like that. . . 

"Super Model Pose"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Six Months

It is insane to think that six months have already gone by since Asher was born! It has been the craziest half year of my life. Honestly, parenthood has been a roller coaster. There have definitely been great moments, days and weeks, but we have also had our fair share of down moments as well. Asher was probably about a month old and a good friend asked me if I was "loving it" so far. I think my response was a little bit influenced by some depression I had after he was born, but I remember telling her that I don't know if I love being a mom because it's freakin hard and I don't know what the crap I am doing, but that I love my baby more than I can even understand or try to explain. Five months later and some things about caring for Asher are a little bit easier, and I feel like I'm finally back to some sort of normalcy as far as my emotions go, but if my friend were to ask me the same question today, I'd probably still give the same response. I love my son so much and I would sacrifice anything for him, but being a parent isn't easy. It is probably the most physically and emotionally draining thing I have ever experienced, but I know that the biggest reason it's hard for me is because of all my imperfections, and I just have to accept that and try to be better and more patient.

It's funny, I had the thought the other day that it's a good thing babies have such an incredible ability to love and accept, because they really could find so much fault in the adults who care for them. Asher is now at the age where he can interact with us and we can see his personality coming out more every day. It is amazing to me how happy he is just being around Jared and I. He seriously thinks that we are the best things ever. He loves me despite the fact that I look haggard 90% of the time I'm around him (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration), that sometimes I loose my patience with him, that I make him do things he doesn't want to like eat beans, take naps and do tummy time. Jared and I are the center of his world, and his love for us is literally so pure and unconditional. He loves us way better than we love him and I just want to soak up this time right now because I know our relationship will continually change as he gets older

Anyway, I don't know why I was thinking about all of this recently, maybe just because 6 months seems like a fairly big milestone and I am just grateful to have survived up to this point :)  I love our little nug though, he's the sweetest baby and brings a lot of happiness into our home. Here are some things I want to remember about him at six months. . .

- He is 16.75 lbs (35th percentile) and 28 inches (90th percentile), which is pretty consistent with how he has been growing to this point, still long and lean. He does have some pretty good dunlop tire thighs though!

- He loves eating his baby cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, black beans, and avocado mixed with banana, but he only tolerates green beans. I haven't ventured out to testing other veggies or fruits with him yet, mostly because I'm just lazy and always forget to pick up new foods when I'm at the grocery store.

- He has perfected rolling onto his stomach, but he can only roll himself over his left shoulder. It's the funniest thing, he does it great that way, but if he tries rolling over the other shoulder, he can't do it. He has finally started to roll from front to back, which is really nice. He covers quite a bit of ground now on the floor.

- All of a sudden he has decided that he wants to sit up by himself, it's crazy, it seriously happened over night! He can sit for fairly long periods of time without falling over, and luckily he hasn't really cried much even when he has fallen. He likes to sit and play with toys between his legs.

- He is obsessed with his jumper. The kid would play in that all day and be completely content. It is hilarious because when he jumps up and down, he switches between his two feet in perfect coordination every time, it's all very calculated and we will chant "one two, one two, one two" when he does it. Of course we think it's because he has really great rhythm, but it's probably just a fluke and he's going to end up being tone deaf and very uncoordinated.

- He does this funny thing where he smacks his hands together up and down like he's trying to brush something off. I don't know where he picked up on that, but it's really hilarious!

- His favorite toy is a ball that has holes in it (almost looks like a web) because he can shove his little fingers into the holes and get a really good grip on it.

- We spent this past weekend with some friends who have kids that are a bit older than Asher and he loved watching the other boys.

- He hasn't yet developed a preference for either Jared or I, which we are grateful for. I'm sure that will come in phases down the road, but at this point he is perfectly content hanging out with either of us and isn't shy around strangers either.

- His daytime sleep has finally gotten better. He is on the verge of not needing a third nap in the late afternoons and once we drop that nap completely, I am hoping he will become even more consistent. He usually naps around 8:30, 12:30 and 4:00ish, the first two are about 1.5 hrs and the last one is totally hit and miss. He still sleeps with a sleep sack, which we affectionately call his "squirrel suit" because it looks like a kind of star shape that a flying squirrel makes.

- He is nowhere near crawling, but when he is on his stomach you can tell that he really wishes he could move around. He will do the swimmer and kick his legs and arms like crazy. He also does this funny little "double tap" with both feet when he's on his stomach, he kicks them to the ground at the same time and will do it over and over again.

- This is for my own reference down the road with the next kid, but I think the multi grain cereal we have been giving him the past couple of weeks has made him a bit constipated. I haven't given it to him now for a couple of days and he's finally a bit back to normal there, so I'm switching back to the oatmeal cereal instead. It's actually unfortunate just how much I think about bodily functions now after having a baby.

- He is still a very observant little boy. He will just sit and stare around the room and try to take in everything that is around him, especially when we are in new places that he's never been before. I have a feeling we are going to have to start being more careful with what we do and say pretty soon because I bet he is going to start picking up on things here quickly.

- He has been going through this phase where he will wake up around 6 am and just sit in his crib talking to himself. Sometimes he would fall back to sleep and others he would chat up a storm until 7 when we'd go in to get him. After a few days in a row of him doing that and waking us up, I decided to just keep a fan on in our room so I wouldn't have to hear him, which means I honestly don't know if he still does it or not. . . Maybe I'm mean, but I'd rather get that extra hour of sleep especially when I know he is perfectly fine hanging out in his crib!

- His hair is getting so long, the only thing we can do with it is just comb it over like an old man haircut haha. I'd like to try out some sort of cool guy mohawk thing but Jared is against that, so for now he's sporting the old man hair.

With Grammy

He barely knew how to roll a few weeks ago, and now he's a pro!

He loves to grab his feet

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Five Months

Things I want to remember about Asher at five months. . .

- This kid has always loved to stand, even when he was still tiny. I honestly can't remember a time when he preferred to sit on our laps as opposed to standing. Because of this obsession, we decided to get him one of those jumperoo toys and he loves playing in it! It took him a couple of days to figure out that he can jump up and down, but since then it's been his favorite thing to do.

- Since he's been playing in his jumper so much he isn't as happy playing under his playmate anymore. I think it also is frustrating for him when he tries to grab onto the toys that are hanging down and he can't get a good grip on them. I am going to pull it out again when he starts gripping things better, but for now he is happy to either lay on a blanket with nothing around him or just play in his jumper.

- He has started rolling over from back to front. He is kind of a weirdo because he still won't go from front to back, and I thought most kids did that type of rolling first. Anyway, he isn't quite good enough to do it spontaneously by himself, he usually needs some sort of motivation in the form of reaching for a toy or one of our hands.

- It was crazy, once he figured out how to roll he started sleeping like crap at night. It literally happened on the same day! We've been swaddling him since birth and all of a sudden he started arching his back and moving himself all over in his crib. He would get himself pushed up right against the corner of the crib and try to shove his face into the rails and suck on them, so funky! He'd wake himself up and cry, so I was making several trips into his room at night to move him back to the middle of his crib. I decided I'd had enough of that crap so we got him a sleep sack thing that is supposed to help transition him out of the swaddle. We used it last night and he slept through with no problems, thank the good Lord! I also like it because it covers his hands so he can't scratch himself and it will keep him warm since he kicks off any blankets we put over him in about .02 seconds!

- He has still been eating his cereal, we usually give it to him at night before bed. I've also given him sweet potatoes and he seems to like those pretty well. I had been hesitating to start giving him fruits and veggies because I didn't want to have to start worrying about that yet, but I think he is ready for it  so I'll probably start out with just one serving a day and go from there.

- He still talks and smiles a lot. He does laugh but it's only happened when he's deliriously tired.

- He's a very observant little guy so if we are ever in a new environment he just looks around and stares at everything. He will smile at people he doesn't know but it usually takes a minute for him to warm up.

- Since he started solids he hasn't blown out of very many diapers, thank goodness! I can only remember one blowout since we've gotten back from Christmas, and even then it wasn't too bad.

- The carseat is not his worst enemy anymore! He has finally gotten to the point where he can go a whole ride without his binky and still not fuss, woohoo!

- I swear he gains most of his weight in his cheeks. He definitely has some rolls on his legs, but they aren't too big yet. He's still long and lean for the most part.

- He is starting to get better at sitting up. Obviously, he still needs some support, but he can hold his weight up by himself for a few seconds at a time.

- He still loves the monkey stuffed animal we got him for Christmas and usually likes to chew on it.

- Since it's the winter time I almost always have him in socks, but the other day I didn't for whatever reason and he discovered this fun thing called toes!

- He is a drool bucket to the max!!! It's not so bad if he's laying down, but if he is standing or sitting then he soaks the front of his shirt in less than 2 minutes!

- His hair is getting so long! I used to be able to do a little spike mohawk thing with it, but now it's so long that Jared won't allow me to continue doing that since he thinks it looks weird on him haha. So now we are stuck to doing the side comb over, whatever, he's still pretty stinkin cute!




Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Four Months

Well it's been a fairly busy couple of week with the Holidays, so this post is a little late, but oh well! We had a very fun Christmas with Jared's family up in Boise, and now we are back to the grind. Here are some things to remember about Asher at four months.

- At his four month check up he weighed 14 lbs and was 26 inches long. That is the 35th and 90th percentiles respectively. It has been two weeks since then and he definitely hit a four month growth spurt, so we think he's probably around 15 lbs now. Either way he gains most of his weight in his cheeks!

- He rolled over for the first time around the beginning of December. We had been trying to get him to do it for a while, but one day he decided to lean his head far enough over to the side to get his momentum going and roll. He has only done it a couple of times since then and not for a couple of weeks now. I don't really care if it takes him forever to learn how to roll, crawl and walk, I'd rather have him immobile for as long as possible!

- We gave him rice cereal for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he totally gagged on it! We made it too thick to start with, so once we watered it down a little it only took him a few times to catch on. I think he likes it pretty well. He had been eating around 6 oz with every bottle there for a while, but lately he's been eating a lot less. I'm not sure if it was from the growth spurt or because of starting rice cereal, but right now we are lucky if he eats 5 oz. at a time.

- He still loves his playmat and will play under it for long stretches of time without having to be entertained by either of us.

- He thinks it is really cool to watch the TV and to FaceTime on our phones. It must be the bright lights because he obviously doesn't have a clue what's really going on. We are going to take him to a movie with us tonight, so hopefully he'll just sit and stare. . . or fall asleep preferably.

- I took him down to STG to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago and he really loved watching their little dogs run around. He would reach out and try to grab them too, but luckily he never got a good grip on them.

- My nephew has a thermal receiving blanket that he sleeps with all the time and calls his "Little" so he wanted to get a "Little" for Asher to have. I slept with it a few times before Asher was born so it would smell like me and he has loved it since birth. I decided to start sticking it in his crib during naps to see if it would help him sleep any better and what do ya know, it totally worked. So he now sleeps with his Little all of the time.

- He loves to take baths. He will sit in the tub and splash and kick all over. It is seriously going to be a nightmare when he gets bigger and will probably soak us every time, but for now we think it's cute!

- He has been gripping his toys a lot better lately. He also loves to reach for our faces and try to grab onto anything he can get his hands on.  We've got to keep his fingernails pretty short because he's clawed us pretty good a few times.

- He does not like wearing any form of hat. We tried to take some pictures of him with a Santa hat on for our Christmas card and it really pissed him off (See funny pic below). He usually fusses when we put his beanie on, but has gotten better at tolerating it.

- For the most part he just sleeps in his crib, but on the occasions that we are out and about or at church, he will only fall asleep if I am holding him. I won't lie, it's kind of cute and I secretly love it, but the kid is pretty freaking heavy so it starts to hurt after a while!

- He has started to make some laughing sounds. He hasn't given us a full gut laugh yet, but he has a distinct little grunt he makes now when he is happy. He has also been talking a lot more lately and doing random little high pitched screams, it's cute.

Jared and I decided to get a nice camera to document our growing family. It was our Christmas present to ourselves as well as from our parents, so thanks guys, we love it!

He thought he could be a big kid 
and hold his bottle by himself.

His typical face

This was the peak of our nap time desperation,
I've since gotten rid of the changing pad and use rolled
up blankets instead. You do what you gotta do!

This was the face right before he had a meltdown 
because he hates wearing the hat!

He's not sure about snow yet.

Lots of baby cousins at Christmas.