Monday, August 11, 2014

I survived. . .

Well, I've almost survived one year of being a first time mom, so here's some friendly advice and reminders to myself to recall before we have another baby. . .

- Take every single "sleep training" book/blog and drop kick their advice straight out the tallest window you can find. . . and squish your heel in it for good measure. Seriously, the worst idea I ever had was Googling baby sleep. You get these crazies who literally think that your 2 month old baby should be able to sleep through the night AND take several two hour naps throughout the day. They will swear by this method and that method blah blah blah. . . Yeah, I totally want to hear about how your baby took a 3 hour nap, outside, on the ground, in the rain, all because of Baby Wise (okay, maybe that's a slight over-exaggeration). Congratulations, you have what's called a good sleeper and I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with all of that stupid sleep training advice!!

- Your emotions, within any given hour, will span from overwhelming happiness, as in, "my kid is the cutest little thing on the whole planet I just want to kiss him all day long!" to mind boggling frustration, as in, "I swear if he touches those damn blinds one more time, I'm going to bash my head against this wall!" (luckily for all parties involved, Jared is much more intelligent than I am and decided that we should just raise the blinds up to remove all forms of temptation from the little punk).

- No matter how much you'd love to control your baby, he will do everything in his own time, because he actually has a personality and mind of his own! Totally unfair that the tiny dude gets to decide when to start sleeping through the night, ditching the swaddle, feeding himself, drinking from a sippy, crawling, walking etc. You are one of those control freak people, so this concept will be slightly difficult for your OCD to handle, but once you realize that your baby is actually the boss over when and what he learns, things become a lot easier.

- A funny thing happens when your baby turns eight months old. It will seem as if everybody around you has lost their minds because they will start to ask you when you are going to have another baby! The first couple times I laughed it off thinking, that if they knew me they couldn't be serious. And then it happened again, and again, and again. I wish I were a rockstar parent like some family and friends I know, but sadly, I am not. Maybe I should have Jared design me a t-shirt that says, "I love my baby, but I DO NOT have the mental capacity and emotional stability to have another anytime soon (sorry to disappoint)!!"

- Remember when you felt like a self-conscious idiot because you didn't have a clue how to carry a car seat on your arm or get the stupid door open when pushing the stroller? Don't worry, I'm pretty sure nobody was looking at you and thinking that you were an idiot because most people actually have lives and don't care what strangers are doing out in public!

- Never let your baby nap without a onesie or bottoms on. All will seem well and your kid will be quiet up in his room, but then when you check the monitor you will be greeted by the sight of the cutest little baby butt cheeks you have ever seen, but then you will notice that he took the advantage of his new found freedom and peed all over his bed. . . awesome!

- Upon the arrival of the sweet babe, your existence becomes extremely less important to those around you. All anybody will want to see or talk about is your baby. It makes sense, they are just so tiny and squishy and cute! But don't be surprised when you find it takes a while for your presence to be acknowledged when you walk in the door to visit family or friends!

- You will continuously compare your kid to other babies and their skills. You won't be able to help it (because you certainly have issues). Half the time you will think your kid is a champ because he started walking at ten months. The other half, you will swear there is something wrong with him because he can't feed himself yet with his fingers, but so-and-so's kid was doing that months ago.

- Sometimes you will find yourself pinning your child down just to get some Tylenol down his throat so he will stop acting like a little hellion because he is teething. . . that's about as fun as it sounds!

- Let your husband help! You aren't a child rearing expert just because you are the mom and you gave birth. News flash: Nobody knows what they hell they are doing when it comes to parenting!! Let your husband parent how he wants. Who cares if he changes the diapers or dresses your baby differently than you?? Nobody likes to feel nit picked, so if you keep correcting him and trying to force "your way," then you will effectively turn yourself into an only parent because I bet he'll eventually stop trying. Be grateful that you have a husband who is just as capable a parent as you are and let the dude help!

- You thought you were done with getting up in the middle of the night, but you were wrong. It's real unfortunate that pregnancy permanently caused your bladder to shrink. You'll be getting up every night to pee. . .

- Breastfeeding is going to turn you into a crazy hormonal psycho! Seriously, you will think your life is over just because your dang kid does not take a freaking nap. You will question your sanity and swear that you were totally laid back and normal before having a baby when said baby does not eat very well, is unpredictable, fussy, and blows out of every stupid diaper (or in other words, acts like a baby!). You will blame it on baby blues and wonder how that could last so long. Then when you are done nursing, almost overnight, you will feel so much better. Like, praise the Lord I knew I wasn't that crazy, better!

- Do not, I repeat, DO NOT reach into the back of your baby's diaper to see if he's pooped. Hello dummy, you are going to end up with crap on your hand at some point!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eleven Months

I missed 10 months, so here is a combined 10-11 month post about what I want to remember about Asher. . .

- He likes to cross his feet when he is sitting down. It is the funniest thing! He does it more so when he is not paying attention, but it still happens pretty frequently.

- He has a receiving blanket that he loves to sleep with, we call it his "little." He can't go to bed without it and he gets really pissed if it drops out of his crib! Luckily he's only chucked out a handful of times, I think he realizes that it's not a good idea so he doesn't do it that often. He also has a stuffed animal, a lion, that we put in there with him too. He will sometimes lean his back against it when he sleeps, pretty stinkin cute!

- He has started to climb over anything that is on the ground and he's already attempting to try and climb up onto the couch (which is still impossible unless one of us is sitting on the ground and he uses us like a ladder!). One game he likes to play recently is hide and seek. So one of us will lay down on our side on the ground and he'll have a toy in his hand that we will steal and put behind our back. He'll lean way over until he can see the toy and then climb over us to get it. He gets so proud of himself!

- He still loves most food. He has become more picky about the order in which he wants to eat it though. When he wants a bite of something different, or a drink of water, then he will put his hands up by his face or turn his head to the side. He has gotten alot better at drinking out of a sippy cup. We found that the children's camelback water bottle with the straw is what he drinks out of the best. Random, I know. Water goes through him in about 2 seconds, so we've started limiting how much he drinks at dinner so that he doesn't pee out of his diapers at night.

- His obsession with having something in each hand at all times continues. His favorite thing is still getting one sock in each hand and crawling around like that. He has the weirdest little quirks about him!

- Now that summer is in full swing, we've taken advantage of the pool in our complex. He really likes to swim, which I'm not surprised about because he's always liked water.

- We decided to start putting him in a forward facing carseat. He hasn't hit the year mark yet, but he's already past the weight limit and I'd rather not have him melt in the back seat in his back facing one. So far he seems to enjoying being able to look out the window when we are out and about. He still doesn't like long road trips, but I don't blame him there.

- His one top middle tooth cut through maybe 6 weeks ago, something like that. I kept thinking the other one was going to come in with it, but it only just now is starting to come down. He looks pretty funny with just the one tooth up top, we call it his snaggletooth haha!

- We are trying to teach him how to go down the stairs, but that is still definitely a work in progress. Luckily he's always stopped when he gets to the top step and hasn't fallen yet, but hopefully he can get it figured out sometime soon.

- He has started saying "dadadada" and "mamama." I have found that mamamama means any of the following depending on his mood: I'm tired and need a nap, I'm hungry why are you not feeding me?, I'm pissed because I want something I can't reach or have,  I'm sad and need a love. Haha, one of these days he'll figure out that it means me, which I'm sure will be very cute for the first few months and then will get old after the millionth time that I've heard it :)

- He is still not a very cuddly baby at all, but every so often during the day he will crawl over and want to sit in our laps. He also likes to lean up against us if we are sitting on the ground with him. It's so funny, he's a little lounger.

- He doesn't really have any separation anxiety (thank goodness!) but he does get really mad if you leave him by himself in a room. I feel bad, but sometimes I have to run upstairs to get something and he'll scream the whole time up I'm there.

- He is able to stand by himself for several seconds at a time and has been doing that for the past couple of weeks. Then just yesterday he took his first steps by himself! One of his favorite things to do is walk around the computer chair since it's a spinning one and he can do the walking himself. He thinks it is pretty cool!

- He knows how to play the "chase" game and starts laughing when we play it with him.

- He has started to clap, it's pretty adorable!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Nine Months

Things I want to remember about Asher at nine months. . .

- This kid has become OBSESSED with balls during the past few weeks. He's got several different ones and he loves pushing them around and crawling after them. He does this little swipe thing to "pass" the ball to us. It is seriously funny how much he loves those things. Other favorite "toys" he likes to play with are his socks and shoes. If they aren't on his feet then he likes to grab one in each hand and shake them around.  Oh and we can't forget that he tries to grab any electronic device we may happen to leave within reaching distance.

- He uses books and DVD cases as push tools. I don't know why he likes this, but if you set two books down in front of him, he will put one hand on each and start crawling around, it's so funny and random!

- He loves to eat anything that we are eating. If he sees us with food, he will make a beeline over and expect to get a taste of what we have. We appreciate the fact that he will eat anything and isn't picky so far.

- He learned how to crawl up the stairs. I showed him how to use his knees a couple of times up and after that he got the hang of it and it's no problem now (it probably helped that I propped up my kindle so he had some motivation to get up the stairs haha). He hasn't fallen yet, although I'm sure that will come before he learns how to go down.

-  He has become much more talkative lately. He is constantly grunting or screeching. He knows how to have a "conversation" back and forth now, so if you grunt at him, he will do it back. He also sticks out his tongue at random times too.

- Even though he just got the crawling down the past few weeks, he thinks he needs to walk already. He figured out how to pull himself up onto everything, so now he walks along the couch and coffee table. He will reach for both of our hands to make us walk with him, and if he does sucker us into that then it is game over, full out pissy fit when we set him back down!

- He does this funny little face that we call "the bulldog" face. He sticks his chin out and his eyes get all squinty, it's pretty cute. He hasn't done it as much anymore, but luckily I got a couple good pictures of him doing it because it's a crack up.

- He likes to play with the wooden blinds that cover the back doors in the kitchen, but they aren't the most sturdy things around, so I've been trying the whole "no" concept with him. When I see him crawling over there I'll say, "Asher, no" in my "stern" mom voice and explain that the blinds are not toys (sometimes I talk to him like he's five when I reason with him). Almost every time he'll stop and look at me, but then more often than not he'll just smile and keep going over there. So I figure I've won half the battle since he actually does stop when I say his name, but for now I've just been moving him back to the family room so that he'll get distracted by toys or something else, which is one awesome perk of him having like a 2 second attention span!

- Although he doesn't full out gut laugh all of the time, he's been doing it more often lately and it's so funny.

- He has recently started saying "mamama" obviously he doesn't really have a clue what he's saying, but every time he does it I point to myself and repeat him, and then I give Jared a winning face since I  think he's going to say Mom before Dad!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eight Months

Things I want to remember about Asher at eight months. . .

- He has figured out how to crawl! He learned how to get up onto his knees a few weeks ago, then spent about a week rocking on his knees before he discovered how to move his knees forward. He's got it down pretty well now and is surprisingly fast when he gets going. So far he's not that interested in getting into things he shouldn't (not that we have all that much stuff for him to get into downstairs) but we do need to get a baby gate for our stairs and probably some of those outlet cover things.

- He's also learned how to hold his own bottle. He's not great at it yet, so most of the time I still sit with him and make sure he doesn't spew milk onto his face, but I think he'll have it down here pretty quickly, which will be nice. We've slowly been trying to get him to figure out the sippy cup, but so far he's only ever taken a few sips at a time before shoving it out of his mouth.  He's also become a very distracted eater. It's nearly impossible for him to finish a bottle or his food if we are anywhere else outside of our living room.

- He literally hates to be held. The second you go to pick him up, he'll turn around and try to wiggle out of our arms. It's actually a little sad that he's not more of a  cuddler, even though it is really nice that we don't have to rock him to sleep or have to deal with attachment issues at this point. Case in point: The other day he was sitting on the tile in our kitchen, fell over and hit the back of his head. He started crying pretty hard so I picked him up and tried to console him and five seconds after I picked him up, he started pushing me away and wanted to get down and play with his toys haha. I'm glad we have a fairly tough little guy, but it would be nice to get a cuddle out of him every once in a while!

- He's had a lot more to say lately. He does this funny dinosaur growl and then mixes in a shriek with it every so often.

- It's funny, he swipes at all of the toys that he plays with, so he typically swipes them around in a circle and then crawls after them. He also likes playing with any type of car, but he's really just interested in swiping at the wheels and making them spin. One of his favorite toys is a poof soccer ball that we have. He pushes it around and chases after it. He still loves watching other little kids.

- I don't know if it's because he's crawling now and wearing himself out more throughout the day, but his naps have been a lot longer this past week or so (well relatively to him, about 1.5 hrs instead of 1 hr), and I'll take it! If he keeps this up then I think I'm going to ditch the third nap altogether. He's still sleeping really well at night. I'm pretty positive that he still wakes up at some point in the early morning after six just to mess around in his crib, but he never cries and so we just get him up at seven and he is good to go.

- He's a really good eater and will take bites of anything that we are eating. He really likes chicken and still loves sweet potatoes and squash. We typically give him a few bites of whatever we are eating for dinner and he's never spit anything out, so hopefully he continues to be a good eater as he gets older! He's never really gone through that stage of wanting to shove every little thing into his mouth, so he doesn't really know what to do with food if we just set it on his high chair tray, but I'm sure he will figure it out at some point.

- He's pretty much weaned himself off of the bink. The only times we ever use it anymore is at church when we are trying to get him to nap (which is a freaking joke and I think I'm going to start bagging that crap altogether!) or when we are on long road trips in the car. Even then, he typically takes it out of his mouth and would rather play with it than suck on it. I'm hoping he continues to have a laid back personality because I will probably regret not being able to shove the bink in his mouth to calm him down when he's throwing a tantrum next year. Oh well, at least I won't have to battle him to get rid of it.

- He's started to stick his tongue out and thinks it's funny when Jared and I do it to him. He's also starting to laugh more at random little things. Before, he would only really laugh if he was deliriously tired and ready to go to sleep, but now we can get a few giggles out of him throughout the day. He does this funny thing where his eyes squint up every time he smiles really big, it's pretty cute.

- He's obsessed with grabbing at my hair, which is unfortunate because he has a surprisingly strong grip for such a little guy.

- He got his first two teeth in a couple of weeks ago, they are the bottom middle two teeth. He was a little bit more fussy than usual during the day for a few days before, he had one bad night where he didn't want to go to bed, and then he got this little rash on either side of his mouth. I want to remember that stuff for when he gets his next teeth in!

- During the past few days he's been starting to try and pull himself up into a standing position. He's not strong enough yet, but I have a feeling he will be grabbing onto the couch and tables here pretty soon.

- Overall, he's just a really happy and good baby!