Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog: Crashed

I (Jared) just thought I would put this post up because I beat the expert level on minesweeper at work today. I had a few minutes left so I decided to play. Here is a screenshot.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's finally over. . . well not quite, but at least my undergraduate degree is totally and completely DONE! No more nasty math classes of doom! Convocation was at 8 in the morning yesterday which was killer. I was supposed to be there at 7:30, yeah didn't walk up till 7 so I was in a scramble to get ready! Luckily my glasses covered the bags under my eyes, and the cap covered my sick hair, haha! Anyway it was fun to walk with my friends and to hang out with family afterward. Here are a few pictures of the event . . .

Haha those gowns make everybody look pregnant!

A little blury, but oh well!

Haha, we both look a little tired!

With some of my best friends from school, Rachel and Tori

Haha, I love this little dude!

We've been trying to get Drake to walk this whole weekend, and the other day he finally took a few real steps. We bribed him with some snicker-doodles I had made, he must have really liked them :) Thanks Carolyn for the great recipe!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Quotes

The past few days I've started keeping a record of all the weird/random/crazy things that have come out of Jared's mouth. . . Here are a few of my favorites

-You aren't a monkey, you are my beautiful flower

-If I wear sunscreen, you know what that would say about me. . .that I am a wuss, and I'm not a wuss, I'm a man!

-Ow, my weggie just pinched my butt!

-I am not a nerd bomber!!!

-Stace, when do I ever not wear pants??

-I'll super duty your face!

-I'm in good hands, I eat chicken for breakfast!

-What you think I'm weird?? Well I've got news for you, that's too bad because you're married to me!

-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to head-butt you. . .

-Hey nose picker

Don't worry, more to come I'm sure! I tried to get a recording of him singing Lady Gaga in the shower last night but he somehow figured out my plan and refused to cooperate!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Fun Night

The past week my little brother Wess has been staying with me and Jared. It has been fun to have him around, and to have Melis around as well. Haha a couple nights ago they got into some random quarrel about spitting on each others' faces or something random like that. (see pics below!) We've had the the past few days off of school, love reading days, so Jared decided to go on a bike ride yesterday. Now it was actually a nice day out, and the poor kid got totally fried on his arms. Pretty nasty sunburn if I do say so myself! Last night Jared and I got to hang out with Whit, Chris, Mr. Big, Wessy and Melis. We went to a good little pizza place where Jared and I shared a huge deep dish BBQ Chicken pizza, it was amazing! We had some great conversation (Musso style. . . meaning it was highly inappropriate at times!) and then headed back to our apt to hang out and watch part of the Jazz game. Too bad they were playing like crap and lost, but oh well! Here are some pictures of the evening, mostly of our nephew cause he is so cute!

Eat pillow Melis!

I think she gave up after this

Yeah that's a pretty nasty tan line!

Hey creeper Jared!

Haha, check out those teeth!

Playin with Melis

He's the cutest ever!

These are a couple of videos from last night as well. Haha, during the second one we were trying to get him to dance a little but he wasn't havin it! He decided that eating crackers with no hands was much more entertaining.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning. . . bom bom bom

Please keep an open mind about my post. . . and mom if you are reading this. . . I really am a better wife than this, I promise! So Jared and I were in the kitchen yesterday and he looks down at our linoleum floor and says something like, "Wow our floor is pretty dirty, we should get some more of those swiffer mop thingers." I looked down and had to agree with him. Honestly though, who the heck has time to notice these small things, especially when the lighting in our apartment is not the greatest, and to me the floor always looked a little dingy from the very first week we moved in! Anyway we went to Wal Mart and go some swiffer mop thingys and on the way home Jared gets a call about home-teaching (way to leave it till the very last day of the month baby! ha jk) I proceed to start "mopping" our floor while he's gone. After three swiffer mop pads I knew I was in trouble. . . this floor needed some serious heavy duty scrubbing! So I grabbed a big bowl, filled it with water and a little Comet and used a scrub brush on the whole thing floor. After the first couple of spots I realized just how nasty and dirty our floor was, considering there was a distinct line of brown nasty floor separating the nice pearly white (ha) of the clean floor! Here are the pictures to prove it people. . . I am embarrassed by these, but it's so funny I had to put them on!

Yeah freakin gross I know!

Please, don't judge me! :) To my defense I will point out that I don't think the floors have EVER been this clean, so I honestly didn't realize how bad it was until I started scrubbing. Anyway at least they are white again, just in time for my mom to come into town ;) baha