Thursday, November 6, 2008

Math Lab + Studying for My 315 Test = DOOM!

    It's days like today when I wonder why I am a Math Ed major! Here's a little run down of the week I've had. . . Monday- I went to school, then I studied for this test in my theory class (a.k.a. Math 315) for the entire afternoon, then off to FHE with the Jared. . . Tuesday- Woke up with some mild form of food poisoning, dragged myself up to school, studied for 315 most of the day, came home with Jared and studied some more. . . Wednesday- Went to school, studied for 315, came home and studied some more, then watched Minority Report. . . Today- Went to school, studied for 315, tutored some kids, then studied the rest of the night. . . I've concluded that I am pretty LAME! haha
    This class is seriously going to kill me though. I'm dreading this test that I have to take tomorrow, it's gonna be straight up murder! I will be happy with a 70% on this sucker, we'll see how it goes tomorrow. . . yikes!
    So Jared and I cooked up a frozen pizza the other night and we both got really sick the next day. I'd never gotten a bug or food poisoning like that before and it wasn't very fun! Haha, I guess it was kinda funny though cause Jared and I both got it, so after we got done with classes we went to my apartment and just crashed. We probably looked really pathetic laying on the couches in our PJ's all afternoon! Luckily it was just a one day kind of a deal, and we are both feeling alot better now. . . although I will probably steer clear of frozen pizzas for a while now!
    Oh man, here's the great news of the week. I entered into a Guitar Hero Tournament at school!!!! It's next week in the Wilk, and I'm so freaking stoked about it!!! I think it'll be tight to just play with other obsessive freaks like me, that way I won't feel so lame about my addiction to that game! 


Emily said...

haha I only wish I was there to witness you rocking out in public and kicking trash!

mikell brynn said...

when is this tournament? i'm making shirts.