Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Blessed Break!

    I never thought I would ever be as excited for a Christmas Break as I was for this years. I seriously could not wait till school was over this past semester because my classes were so dang hard and I waned to die! But luckily I was able to survive finals week and I headed down to STG to hang out with my family. Haha, my family cracks me up! We are just so quirky and weird when we get together, I dunno, I guess you have to be there to truly understand the Musso clan, but we have a good time when we all get together.
    One of the highlights of being in STG was being able to talk to my little brother on Christmas. He is serving a mission in Seoul South Korea and he has been gone for 10 months or so. He is such a great kid and he is doing awesome out there! He sounded really good and he is excited to be serving a mission. 
    Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were fun, we don't have too much family in St. George so we mostly just hung out with my parents at our house. We had some friends over and my brother Nick came down from SLC so it was a good time. The only problem about going to STG was that I missed Jared like crazy!!!!
    Luckily I flew out to Washington last week to go visit his family so I didn't have to endure another week without him :) yeah I'm pathetic I know haha! I flew into Seattle and it was awesome because we spent the night there and bummed around the whole next day downtown. We went to a cool little market place and looked at all the shops, it was really fun! Oh yeah, we at the Cheesecake Factory and it was pretty much amazing! The cheesecake there is SO SO SO good! Eventually we became tired of shopping and runnin around so we started driving to Yakima where Jared lives. 
    I've never been to Washington before so driving through the countryside was a pretty cool thing for me. The pine trees are gorgeous when they have snow on them. During the next few days I had a blast hanging out with Jared's family. I already know his sister Mikell obviously. . . since we are roommates :) but it was cool getting to know his parents they are awesome! Jared and I went sledding with his dad one day in the mountains which was alot of fun. We went to a movie, we had a Lego building party, Jared's mom made us the most amazing cinnamon rolls you have ever tasted, and we just had a fun time hangin out around the house. 
    I was bummed to have to leave, but its nice to be back in Provo and in our apartment. I am excited for this next semester, even though I have a feeling I'm going to be very busy with school, work, friends, Jared and other fun things! 

Here are some pictures of my fun trip!

This is a picture of Seattle. . . 
The only one I took :)

Here is the place where we went sledding
it was pretty much amazing!

Oh cute

Jared with his dad Mike
Mike cracks me up! 

Our Lego Party!


Sugar... said...

I love it that you had a lego party! Jared was pretty much obsessed with legos most of his childhood.

Also, I think that Jeff's brother served in the exact same mission your brother is serving right now. I'll have to ask him. He served on an island for half of his mission.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Stacie, I love Legos as well. Plus sledding sounds like fun. But I just have to ask, why do you have a link to Math Ed 308? Did you make this blog for a class? Fill me in, and keep up the great work.