Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our New Apartment!

 Jared and I were very lucky to find a sweet apartment in Provo that we will be living in until we are both done with school! We had been looking around for a couple of weeks, and the night before we were going to sign the contract to another apartment, we went and took a look at this one and decided it would be the perfect place for us! It's a basement apartment underneath a chiropractic clinic about 6 blocks from campus. What we love about it is that it doesn't feel like a basement apartment. It has high ceilings, and the large window in the family room lets in a ton of light. We basically love it!!  Luckily my parents were getting some new basement furniture so they gave us their cast offs. . . we are so grateful! Here are some pictures. . . 

BEFORE. . . 

We had no furniture for a few days!

Our lovely barren family room!

Kitchen. . . 

Our master suite!! Haha

The bathroom

This is the second bedroom a.k.a Jared's bike room

Trying to be domestic! 

AFTER. . .
Our cute decorated kitchen. . . 
Thank you so much for the table Whit!!!

       It's amazing what a bottle of spray paint can do
     We got a bunch of old decorating junk from my sister
    and bought some black spray paint so we haven't really
  spent much money at all on house deco so far!

   Our awesome bed, a wedding gift from my parents!

We bought this dresser a couple of weeks ago
it's awesome!

The de-cluttered bike room

The finished bathroom

Yay, we actually have furniture!

Our sweet washer/dryer!

    Well there ya have it, come visit us anytime! (PS I don't know how to post pictures that well, so sorry it looks kinda weird!)


Whitney said...

I love the happy little home! It is so cute and will be the perfect place to spend the next few years!! Love you two kiddies and had so much fun playing Martha Stewart! PS... Biggie had rice cereal for the first time today. It was awesome!!

Cali Schaack's said...

Stace I love you so much!! Nice job on the decorations you go girl!! You are the perfect wife :}

lovebirds said...

it looks like you had so much fun decorating!

D.I is a great place to go for decorations. haha... seriously. i love it.

Callidora said...

Where is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? The others were in your book shelf but not the fourth. Sorry, big HP fan :o)

Stacie and Jared said...

Yeah we're missing that one. . . We need to get it!