Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year

I have definitely been slacking with the blog in the past couple of weeks. Jared and I spent a few days with my family down in STG right after finals before heading up to Washington to spend the holidays with his family. It was really fun and we had a great time hanging out and just relaxing. We went to Jared's grandparent's farm a couple of days after Christmas for a big family party get together thing. Now my family is tiny compared to his. . . I only have 6 total cousins. . . on both sides of the family! I've never even been to a family reunion since there's not enough of us to make it worth it! Anyway, there were seriously like 60 people at this family party and it was pretty crazy! Haha, my dear sister-in-law Sheena totally had me stressed out because she told me that every year, the newest married couple was put on the spot and had to sit in the middle of the whole group and answer questions that everybody, I was freakin out until it came out that she was totally messing with me! It ended up being really fun though and I met alot of fun people, and managed to memorize about 20 names which I thought was pretty good :)

Jared's brother Blake and his wife Sheena decided they wanted to spend New Year's in Seattle, so we went up and stayed there with them with Jared's parents and his other brother Brandt as well as Sheena's parents. It was really cool, we went and watched fireworks at the Space Needle, and they straight up fired um off the Space Needle, it was awesome, I'd never seen anything like that! It was a really fun break and we survived the beasty drive home (thanks to Harry Potter on tape!)

This semester has been pretty good so far. We are both taking classes right now and it hasn't gotten too intense yet which is nice. Jared's semester should be a little less stressful compared to last semester, so I'm looking forward to getting to hang out with him a little more often now. I am missing my middle schoolers like crazy. I had to take some things back to my cooperating teacher last week and I stayed most of the day to see my kids. They were all excited to see me again, haha some of them begged me to stay forever. That's about all the news in our lives right now, pretty boring, here are a couple of pictures I stole off of Sheena's blog since we are bad at remembering to take pictures!

All of us after dinner

See what I mean, they shot the things
right off the Space Needle!

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lehi + sasha said...

HELLO, SEATTLE! i am so jealous. i've been wanting to go on a spontaneous trip to seattle.
it reminds me of my favorite movie. :)