Friday, July 9, 2010

You're what???

The latest funny conversation we had right before Jared was walking out the door to go on a bike ride tonight with a friend. . .

Stacie: I might be asleep when you get home
Jared: What?! You can't be asleep when I get home!
Stacie: I've been really tired this whole week. . . I must be pregnant. . .
Jared: Tiredness is not a symptom of being pregnant
Stacie: Yes huh!
Jared: Well crap
Stacie: What if I'm pregnant??
Jared: Maybe you'll have to go get one of those test thingys
Stacie: No, I don't want to be pregnant, I'll get fat
Jared: You'd be a cute pregnant lady
Stacie: No, I'd get fat
Jared: Okay, well I'll see you when I get home

Haha and then he was out the door, kind of made me laugh!


Berezay said...

I love the "yes, huh"....let's just say he's in for a RUDE awakening when you do get pregnant!! Tired is sometimes the least of your worries! ;) and you WOULD be super cute pregnant!!!! ;)

lehi + sasha said...

love this conversation. i really need to write down funny conversations that lehi and i have more often. it's always fun to look back and laugh. :)

thanks for the comment, stace.

really... i'm so glad that you guys had such an amazing r.s presidency. so glad that we still keep in touch. even though it may be through blog or facebook...

i know what you mean about the insecurities though... i have MAJOR issues with my self-esteem. major as in, i probably should see someone professional-major. i could go on and on about this topic... well, i guess that's for another day. i'm not going to bother you with my sappy little stories.

lehi + sasha said...

and p.s YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. are you serious? i'd kill to have your beautiful perfect teeth and your beautiful eyes! oh, and your hair. love the color!

you see, i don't understand why YOU had or have insecurities. but that's just me seeing it the way i see it.

Natalie said...

That is awesome! So, are you pregnant!? :)

Stacie and Jared said...

No definitely, definitely not pregnant!