Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This week marks a week where I feel like I am done with everything. . . I'm done with my thesis, I'm done with my graduate program, I'm done with teaching this year and mostly I'm just done being without my husband. Yesterday I defended my thesis, probably one of the biggest accomplishments of my life, and he was 2000 miles away. Today was kind of a crappy day for him and I'm 2000 miles away.  Our 3rd anniversary is in a few weeks and we'll be 2000 miles away from each other. Although I am honest when I tell people that things are okay and we are doing fine, it still sucks sometimes like tonight and another month of the long distance blows, especially for him being by himself out there. But whatever, it is what it is and we can't do anything about it. I'm heading down to STG for a couple weeks and Jared will be traveling to Sun Valley, Idaho for a week this month because he's in charge of a photo shoot up there, so the time will go faster now. I can't even imagine how army/military couples handle being apart like this and for even longer periods of time. I have a lot of respect for them and the sacrifices they make, because being apart from the person you love most is hard.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I passed my thesis defense which is really good news! I only had a couple of small revisions I had to make, so now all I have to do is submit an electronic and hard copy version of it to BYU. My 5 year old trusty flip phone decided to break on me yesterday, so I finally bit the bullet and entered the world of iPhone users this morning. The nicest thing about that will be the map application thinger for when I get out to Wisconsin, considering there are no landmarks (like mountains or even small hills!) that help you orient yourself out there! Jared finally got his road bike put together so he's been riding around Madison quite a bit this past week which has been fun for him. He's going to start riding his bike to work now that the weather is getting nicer out there. It is about 40 miles round trip, he's crazy!


Momma G. said...

Way to go Stacie! Only a few more weeks and life will be back to normal again! Hang in there!

Joy in the Journey said...

Congrats on your thesis! I'm sorry this past week has been hard. Hannah and I are usually home if you ever want to just vent to someone. June will be here soon enough.

Rachel said...

Congratulations! I am just curious, how long does the bike commute take him?