Sunday, June 24, 2012

3rd Anniversary

Our Anniversary is on May 30th, and this year I was on the road from Utah to Wisconsin on that day, so we decided to celebrate it after we got moved in a settled. Trek owns this really sweet Bed & Breakfast in downtown Madison which we were able to get a discount with, so we stayed there for a night. Our room was pretty awesome, the bathroom was even better. It was really nice to just be able to go relax for a weekend and recover from all of the craziness of moving.

Playing around with the remote for the blinds

Our room was at the top of this cool staircase

View from the top of the B&B

We went out to dinner and had some 
fried cheese curds, pretty good actually!

A nice Wisconsin cheese platter

We went to the farmers market and came home with some goods

This past week has been pretty good, other than our AC is not working, but luckily we are getting it fixed tomorrow morning before it gets too hot here. We've been hanging out with some people from our ward which has been fun. I went to a cool waterpark the other day with my friend Char and her kids, it was a blast! We watched a movie and played games with a couple in our ward on Friday night and then we went out to Waterloo to hang out with our friends there last night. It's been nice to get to know more people out here. Hate to say it, but I actually like it out here quite a bit. 

On Friday I had an interview for a math position at a community college in a small city out here about 45 min away. It went really well and I have a second interview with them on July 3rd, so hopefully I get the job. It's only part time, but that actually works out really well for me because I wanted to try and get something more flexible as opposed to teaching full time. 

Jared and I got called to be sunday school teachers for the 16-18 years old in our ward. We taught for the first time today, and the kids are pretty cool so I think it will be a fun calling. Jared also got called to be a counselor in the young men's today so he's gonna be double doing it for the next while. 

Well that's about it, things in Wisconsin are pretty good so far!


Emily said...

Sounds like you're doing good! I miss ya, though. Keep me updated about the math teaching job!

Momma G. said...

Sounds like you two are doing great and congratulations on the callings! Stacie, good luck with your interview! I hope you get the job! Love you both!

K-Rae said...

I'm glad you're liking it there. That's so awesome about the math interview. You would be a phenomenal teacher!