Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cleveland Weekend

This past weekend we spent several days in Cleveland with my extended family and luckily my mom was there visiting too. I haven't been out there in about 6 years and Jared hadn't met most of my family there so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to go now that we are in Wisconsin and it's only a drive away. For the most part we just hung out with everyone and didn't do a whole lot other then eat delicious food, but that was okay by us!

We visited the West Side Market, awesome food!

I got this huge crepe!

The house I grew up in, still looks the same

I got to see my best friend Addie, we were inseparable as kids!
I learned that colored pants are definitely not as popular on the 
east coast as compared to the west coast

Jared loved hanging out with my Oma's dog Scottie

He got new cycling glasses, he looks like Cyclops!

He was put to work doing "man projects"

My mom and her best friend, my "Aunt" Sally

My cousin Chris let Jared take his brand new 
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S for a little joy ride!

This was his face when he got back, perma grin for the rest of the night!

We went to the Cleveland Zoo one day

Cute little baby monkey!

My cousin Jess and I made some delicious tamales, 
pretty good for first timers!

With Jess

We were sad to have just missed meeting Jess' husband Mike, 
who has been at officer's training the past couple months.

With our Oma

My Oma and Te-Te decided I don't buy Jared enough treats
so this is what they sent us home with! (Not to mention a cooler full of food!)

It was a great time and we loved hanging out with everybody, thanks Oma for letting us crash your place! Thanks Tet for always making sure we were stuffed to the bone, I'm still trying to recover from the food intake!

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Momma G. said...

Glad you got to visit your looks like you guys had a great time!