Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seven Months

Another month down, but I feel like Asher has changed a lot these past few weeks! He's becoming more mobile and social, it's been pretty fun to see him figure out all his new tricks. Here are things I want to remember about him at seven months. . .

- He is much better at sitting up by himself now. At church the other day he sat up for the entire first hour without falling over once. He's getting better at slowly lowering himself to the ground when he is reaching for his toys, so it's not as hard of a fall for him, which is nice.

- He is on his way to crawling. He is able to get up onto his knees and rock back and forth. He also does some good planking when he gets up onto his toes. He hasn't realized that he needs to move his hands and arms forward in order to get anywhere, but I'm sure he'll have it figure out here pretty soon. He does know how to do a pretty good army crawl though, so he's able to get to his toys or whatever else is within reasonable reach. We are going to have to figure out what to do about a baby gate because the area around our stairs is in an irregular shape, but I'm sure we will be able to find something that will work.

- He does this funny thing where he will lean over onto his side into what we call his "super model pose," it cracks us up! When he gets excited he also rocks back and forth on his butt, it's really funny!

- He has discovered a love for balls and cars. We had this squishy soccer ball laying around and he really loves to "play catch" with us, which basically means we roll the ball towards him and he tries to smack it with his hands. The last couple of time we've been over at my sister's, Drake has let him play with some of his match box cars and he really likes grabbing onto those.

- He has still been getting up before us in the mornings, he just hangs out in his crib until we go in and get him up around 7 am. He's never crying or upset when we get him so I'm happy to just leave him in there to play with himself until we are ready to get up! He has figured out how to fall asleep on his stomach and roll around however he wants during the night, which is a big relief.

- The sounds that he makes are starting to sound more varied to us, like he's actually trying to say something with his baby talk. Before he mostly just grunted, but now he's starting to make different sounds and squeal a little bit more.

- He is still a very observant little baby and has a pretty good poker face. Sometimes it takes him a few minutes to warm up to new people and surroundings. It's really hard for him to concentrate on eating when we are in new places.

- He is solidly into his 6-9 month clothes and most of them fit perfectly now, which means they will probably be too small in a few weeks!

- He is a really good eater. He loves all of the baby food we have given him, and we've even fed him some food off of our plates and he loves that too! He eats chicken and turkey now without any problem. I gave him some soup I made that had curry in it the other day and he downed that. We also gave him some white chili we were eating yesterday and he ate that too. I hope that he continues to be a good eater, although I'm sure he will start to get more picky as time goes on. He still has four bottles a day, usually 8 oz in the morning and then around 6 - 7 oz in the next three.

- People always comment on how crazy his eyelashes are, which I agree, they are freakishly long!

- He loves touching everything with his fingers. He usually touches things with his fingers before he actually grabs at it. He has started flipping us off on the regular now, kind of cute coming from a babe.

- If he is outside and it's windy, he will stick his tongue out of his mouth like he's trying to catch it haha!

- He's still taking three naps a day and they usually happen at 8:30, 12:30 and 4:00. The length of nap varies from day to day, but he almost always sleeps longest in the morning and the 4:00 nap is very hit and miss. It's funny, I didn't think the time change would have any effect on us because Asher is so little, but it's a lot harder for us to get him in bed for the night by 7:30 when it's still light outside. We are trying to be good because we know he is tired, but his bed time has moved back about a half hour since the time change, oh well.

- He still hasn't experienced any separation anxiety (knock on wood) and doesn't mind being passed around at church or at family gatherings.

- We recently discovered that he hates the sound of our blender. It's the only thing that makes him cry when he's perfectly content right before that. The kid has fallen face first into the wall and doesn't shed a tear, but the second we turn on the blender he starts getting a sad face and is a pile of tears haha.

- Now that the weather is getting warmer, I try to take him out on a walk through the neighborhood every day. He loves sitting in the umbrella stroller because he can look around at everything. He just sits there taking in the view and clicks his little heels together, so cute.

- He still loves to look at himself in the mirror. He really likes being around other babies, so I assume he is just thinking, "hey look, there's another baby!"

We call this his golf outfit haha

Licking the wind, or something like that. . . 

"Super Model Pose"

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