Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Asher is 1!

Obviously my status as "best mom ever" has taken a big hit considering I'm more than two months late in posting this one. . . meh, I lost that status pretty much the second we got home from the hospital with our little bundle of joy last year ;)  Things I want to remember about Asher around the age of one:

- The best way to describe our nugget is that he is a busy body. He cannot sit still for more than 2 seconds. He's constantly moving and "working" haha

- He started walking right before he turned 11 months old. He was a little uncoordinated at first, but now he's cruising and likes to get around all over the place.

- He loves to "dance" which basically means rocking back and forth on his two feet and shaking his head back and forth too. He tends to do it more if there's music playing, but he still does it even when he's not thinking about it.

- He has learned how to clap for himself.  It took him forever to learn how to feed himself with his hands, so when he was trying to get the hang of it, I would always clap after he took a bite. So now he'll clap for himself after takes bites.

- He loves being outside, but now that he's walking, it's almost exhausting to take him out because he's all over the place!

- He's in that stage where anything will provide him with entertainment. I took him to a splash pad last week and instead of playing in the water he was more interested in walking all over and playing in the dirt. He's such a funny little guy.

- He now has four teeth on top  and still just the two on bottom. The top teeth were definitely a little more trouble coming in than the bottom ones!

- He is constantly making boy sounds and he has conversations with himself, it's pretty cute.

- He loves watching anything that has a motor. Cars, trucks, lawn mowers, construction vehicles etc. He will sit and watch for at least 5 minutes, which may as well be an eternity in Asher time!

- He still doesn't know how to go down the stairs very well, but he is definitely aware that he doesn't want anything to do with going near the stairs if he's at the top. He'll always stop and look over the edge and then go somewhere else, so that is nice since I don't really have to worry about him falling down.

- He loves sleeping with his "little" and gets royally pissed if he chucks it out of his crib before he falls asleep. You'd think he'd figure it out and not drop it on the ground, but no, he still throws it overboard at least once a day before a nap.

Photo credit for the cake pictures goes to Lora Grady, she's amazing and we were lucky enough to have her take our family pictures a couple of months ago.

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