Monday, March 30, 2015

18 Months

Well another milestone has come and gone with me forgetting to post an update. I would say 18 months is a fairly big deal, he's a toddler and everything now, which is crazy to me!! Things have been really busy the past few weeks so this is late. . . what else is new?!

- He has become a much more picky eater these days. He still loves string cheese, yogurt, grapes, and any pasta dish, but he's become alot more opinionated about what/how much goes into his mouth. Little turd has also figured out that if he didn't like a particular bite, he can just spit it out. Drives me crazy!

- He is obsessed with cars of any shape and size. He got the Cars movie for Christmas and knows all about "Queen" and loves the Lightning McQueen hot wheels that he has. He's also a big fan of stuffed animals and is constantly chattering about his monkeys.

- I don't know why, but he insists on spreading our throw blankets out on the ground during the day. My best guess is that he likes to drive his cars on them, but honestly, who really knows what goes on in the mind of that child?!

- He has all of his teeth, thank the good Lord! His canine teeth were the worst, he was a big old grouch the whole time they were cutting through.

- He has perfected the toddler tantrums. When he gets pissed, he throws himself onto the ground and does his whining cry. I typically ignore him when he gets like that, it doesn't last as long.

- He knows eyes, ears, mouth and nose by name and can point them out on faces. Sometimes he can find his own body parts without looking in the mirror, which seems like a pretty good trick, but I honestly don't know when kids start learning stuff like this, so maybe it's not that cool. . .

- He loves his cousin Drake, who he calls "D" The quickest way to get him out the door is to tell him that we are going to go see D. The second he hears that, he drops what he is doing and runs to the door yelling "D! D! D!" He even recognizes when we are getting close to their house because he gets really excited and starts saying D again. I'm so sad we moved, they are basically brothers, Asher still asks for him all the time.

- Still obsessed with his little, and yodels when he says it, sounds like, 'lee lee lee lee" If he's really exhausted and needs to sleep, if you tell him to go get his little, he does this cute little sigh of relief, almost a mix between a sigh and a laugh. It's like we are finally putting him out of his misery because he wants that little and a nap so bad. Pretty funny!

- He understands pretty much everything that we say to him. Which is actually a little bit frustrating because he is becoming more opinionated, so he chooses to disregard things we say. I feel like we need to start being more strict with him and hold him accountable for his behavior, but at the same time, he's still so little. . . we are in limbo there a bit, but more often than not, I turn into the strict crazy mom that puts her kid in timeout when he's acting rude. . . oh well, I'm sure he will turn out fine in the end!

- If he has something in his hands he knows we want, or he knows he shouldn't have (i.e. the remote), he will run away from us and go hide in a corner. Sometimes he runs away from us when we are outside and calling his name. . . awesome haha!

- He has been doing this really funny thing where he runs around in small circles for no apparent reason. He does this at least 5 times a day, it's pretty hilarious!

- He has a very distinct "reading" voice that he does. One of his favorite things to do is read books and you can tell when he is reading mode. Gosh, I just love listening to him talk, it is the best thing ever!

- He is constantly jabbering about something. His conversations with himself are so funny to listen in on! Somebody asked me the other day how many words he knows and I honestly haven't kept track anymore. He will pretty much mimmick anything back to us at this point, or at least attempt to. Here are some short sentences and new things he has been saying the last few weeks.

Where'd it go?
There it is!
Get you!
"Cawful" - Careful
"Awplane" - Airplane
"Luh Boo" - Love You

- I don't know where this comes from, but he really likes helping us clean up his toys at the end of the day. I am 100% sure this will not last, so we will encourage it for now and be sad when cleanup time turns into a battle :)

-  He loves to brush his teeth. Unfortunately, he refuses to let us help him, so he basically just chews on the toothbrush in his mouth, there's got to be at least some benefit to that right?! Sometimes we pin him down to actually give him a decent brushing, but he gets real wound up when we do that to him!

- He has become very fond of Sesame Street and Cookie Monster in particular. He asks to watch "cookie" about 27 times every day! 

Well that's all the stuff I can think of off the top of my head. I should write a whole new post about moving to DC and all the craziness that went into that, but I'm not up for it at the moment. Considering my track record, maybe I'll get it done in the next 6 months or so! :)

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Emily said...

Miss you guys already. Thanks for the update and all the great pics!