Friday, August 8, 2008

Mid Summer

    Well as I said before I didn't know whether or not I would keep up my blog, and obviously I haven't very well this summer! I will try to do better, but I can't make any promises. This summer has been very fun though! I love my job so much (sounds weird I know!). It's the coolest thing in the world to go to work and spend time with these kids. Most of them have been abused or neglected in some form or another, and sometimes they can be pretty difficult, but overall they are just awesome! 
    Other good news is that my sister is going to have a baby!!! I'm so dang excited about that!!!! She just found out the other day that she will be having a little baby boy, and hopefully they don't name him Hudson. . .  that is what Whit wants to call him and I don't think it's very cute! 
   Mostly life is just good and I'm trying to live it up now because school is going to be starting again in about a month. 

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Whitney and Chris said...

Hudson is super cute!! He's going to be the cutest baby in the whole world! Love you Bird! Keep your blog up so I can see what's going on when you go back to school!