Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mid Semester

   Well this semester has been pretty dang crazy so far! I've been getting rocked pretty hard in all of my classes, they are kinda crazy, but that's what I get for being a Math Ed Major!!! But other then that, life is really good right now. I love living up here in P-Town, it's just alot of fun to hang out with good friends doing random crap. Take the nickel-cade for example, who would've thought that playing old school video games give you such a thrill?! My favorite game is Golden Axe, it's the bomb! Or Sconecutters. . . that place is straight up amazing, if you having been there you'd better go soon cause their scones rock!! My friend Ashley and I go like three times a week. . . we are going to get fat but it will all be worth it! :) And then there is always Guitar Hero, love that game and I've successfully corrupted Jared into being obsessed with it! He's just about as addicted to it as I am now!!! Although I can still kick his butt at it! 
    So Jared and I went down to STG for conference and the marathon because his mom, sister, brother and sister-in-law were all running the marathon of doom! They are pretty intense! It was fun to go cheer them on though. The best part was when his mom runs by and yells at us, "I'm gonna die. . . I'm gonna die!!" her face was priceless, I wish we would've had a camera!!! We mostly just hung out with my parents the rest of the weekend, it was fun though. I like being able to relax at home, it's the best!
    Well that's about it, life is good


cor and chelle said...

I just found your blog from Whitney's! Corey served in that exact same mission! Spanish speaking and everything! You two should chat sometime! I am so excited for you! You will be such a blessing to all those people!

Emily said...

haha your writing is the best! it's so... Stacie :) love it. love you