Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mission Call!

    So I finally got my mission call. . . I will be serving in the Texas Fort Worth Mission! I will be teaching the gospel in Spanish and I leave on January 28!! When I got my call in the mail, I took it up to the Provo Temple where I opened it on the grass by myself. I wanted to be alone when I opened it because it has been something so personal to me, and I don't have any family up here. Right after I opened it I called my family and then I talked to a few friends. It was pretty cool. I didn't really know what to expect, so I was happy with it, but to be completely honest, I really wasn't all that excited about it. I think that I may have just been in shock or something like that because I was numb for a while. Today has been better though. I had a good time at church today, and I've called more friends and family so that has really helped alot. 
    Haha right now I'm currently watching my roommate Mikell and my boyfriend Jared (who happens to be Mikell's brother, haha I sure know how to pick um!) play guitar hero. Jared said that he was going to blog stalk me, so if you are reading this Jared, be sure to comment so I can rail you about it later! :) Anyway, earlier tonight we were over at some girls apt in our ward playing this charades game. Can I just say that it was freakin hilarious! I got stuck with the word "Gandoff" like I really know how to impersonate Gandoff without being able to make any noise. I tried show it by pretending to blow things up with my invisible staff, but that didn't work. So then I  started pointing to my feet and pulling my hair down by my feet (because Hobbits have hairy feet of course!) and finally a girl on my team guessed Gandoff, it was pretty funny! 
    I seriously just love all the girls in my ward. They are so great! We had a relief society retreat thingy this weekend and it was so much fun! We went up to a cabin and played guitar hero, and did other fun stuff. We all were laughin and having a good time, I loved it! Hopefully I'll continue to meet some new people and make more friends here. 
    Well that's about all that is going on. This next week I have three tests of doom that I need to take! I'm not looking forward to them at all, but at this point I just don't really care all that much anymore, I've got other things on my mind and school is just not too fun!


Jared said...

You've just been blog-stalked! And I did it sitting right next to you! Crazy!


Brittany said...

yay!!! I have a LOT of friends in Texas on missions. Most of them the Houston mission...but still! I love Texas, it's gorgeous!

mikell brynn said...

when we were playing that charades game I had no idea that you were blowing things up with your imaginary magical staff...I wish I would have because it would have competed the whole hair+feet=Gandolf thing you had going on.
I love you stacer facer.
guitar hero for life.

mikell brynn said...

Oh haha and i read jared's comment earlier and missed the p.s.


Jeanette + Cason said...

That is so awesome! My dad served in Texas! But back in the day long long ago when he was there his mission was like half of Texas lol! I'm so excited for you! P.S. I saw your cute parents today at Costco, I love them!!