Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Once this post is done, I swear I'm not posting for a month! Too many posts in a short period of time! But here are some pictures from the Reception, I'll probably be posting some more at some future time because my amazing friend Kiely took a bunch of pics at the reception with her sweet camera, thanks Kiely, you are awesome!!!!
Okay there's a story behind this first picture. These girls are two sisters Macey (on the left) and Made (on the right) who both have down-syndrome. Macey is probably 15 now and Madi is 14, they are the coolest girls ever and we have been friends with their family for years. Madi and Macey were both so excited to come to my wedding, they even called my cell phone and left a message telling me how excited they were to see me in my princess dress. Well at the Luncheon I was able to introduce these girls to Jared. I went up to Madi and put my arm around her and said, "Madi, this is my brand new husband Jared." and Madi responded with. . . "Hubba Hubba!" Oh man, that us all laugh so hard, she is so darn cute! Later she told me that he was "Dreamy" but she didn't want to give him a hug because he had "Cooties" LOL she eventually did end up giving him a hug and I'm sure it made her whole day!

My dad and my brother

I love this picture! We have the coolest friends ever
in Brent and Ashley!

Cole enjoying the food

Us with our Sealer, Stan McConkie who
happens to work with my dad
and just happens to be
Bruce R. McConkie's son
we got really lucky!

I found out that Halle loves to dance!

He picked a fight with me, and it turned out pretty messy!

First Dance

Jared with my Oma

Dancing with William

Stand by for more pics from the reception when I get around to posting them!

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