Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alot About Nothing

     I've been at this desk for almost 8 hours now and I can not force myself to work any longer, so I am taking a 15 minute break where in I will ramble on in the blog. . . Jared and I were reminded that we are both very bad at keeping people up to date in our lives this past week (love you Carolyn!) so I figured I would give an update. 

1- We are still loving our apartment, it just feels like home to us here
2- Jared and I are both very bad at the game Rook, we went and played with some of our friends this past Sunday and we totally got demolished! 
3- Since Jared is obsessed with biking, we have been watching the Tour de France religiously the past couple of weeks. We are both rooting for Lance Armstrong, but it looks like he's not going to be able to pull out the win this year :( it's been fun to watch though, I never thought cycling could be so interesting. . . 
4- We spent a fun 4th of July with my family down in STG. . . Jared and I hiked this really cool canyon by Zions and I almost admitted the fact that it would have been nice to have a pair of Chaco's on that hike, much to my dismay and Jared's pleasure. He insists that I need of pair of Chaco's, but I think they're ugly and my brother-in-law calls them Jesus sandals, so if I ever give in I'll never hear the end of it from him!
5- I have been called to serve in the Primary/Nursery in our ward. . . Yep, I'm the "Music Leader" haha you can all laugh too considering I am not very musically talented. Luckily the kids don't really care! It does make for some pretty great cheap entertainment. . . One of the little guys named Grant (who is 3 by the way) taught me how to do the Disco, "up to the sky, down to the ground"  he had learned it from some TV show, straight up hilarious though!
6- We went and saw the new Harry Potter movie and it was AWESOME! I wish I had a broomstick, it'd be much easier then driving in Provo
7- Jared and I discovered The Dollar General! If we ever need new cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies etc. we will be going there!
8- Jared still makes the bed much better then I do, but I am getting better. . . A couple times ago I even straightened the sheets out before I tugged the comforter up!
9- We are leaving on our cruise in three and a half weeks, I can't wait till August 17th!! 
10- I got the wedding band soldered onto my engagement ring. . . it is beautiful! Plus they re-plated the white gold, so it pretty much looks brand new! 

    Well as you can see we lead a fairly boring life. . . yep boring! If anything fantastic happens I will post it asap. Oh man, I almost forgot, Guitar Hero 5 comes out in September and you can bet your money that we will be buying it!!! Oh man I'm so stoked! We checked out the playlist online and it looks promising! Haha I know we're (and when I say "we're" I really mean "I'm") pathetic but it's so fun!


Whitney and Chris said...

bird... you crazy guitar hero freak! what am I going to do with you?? I will be posting more pictures of the Big Little asap, just for you. Oh.. and I think that we are heading your way next weekend. Clear your schedule for me and the little for Friday!

Whitney and Chris said...

your new Little pics await you!

Carolyn said...

Your lives don't sound boring at all! Sounds like you have both been busy and having a great time! We miss and love you! Thanks for keeping us updated!