Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Official!!

     Jared and I have the cutest niece and nephews in the whole entire world!!!! This is a tribute to our most favorite kids who we love so much! Jared's sister Heidi has four little ones, Halle who is 5, Cole who just had his 4th birthday today (YAY!), William who is almost 2 (I think) and Andrew who was just born this past April! Then my sister Whitney just has one little guy named Drake who was born on January 28th, which just happened to be the day I was supposed to enter the MTC for the mission I never went on (Way to go J-Rod!). Anyway we both adore these kids, and here are some super cute pics of all the kiddos. . . Ha, I dunno why but I ordered the pictures in order of age. . . probably because I'm a math person or something!

Adorable Halle

Halle loves her crazy Uncle!

Partners in crime?!
Kiddin' they are just cute!

Halle and Cole

Dancin with Cole

Haha, love it!

That is seriously the cutest
face I have ever seen in my life!
(Heidi, I hope our kids are as cute as yours!)

How can you resist that smile?!

This big guy is Drake!

Love that face!

The little thug

Last but definitely not least is

Haha, love that!

    We love these kids so much. The best memory I have of our wedding day is when we walked out of the temple and were greeted very first by Halle, Cole and William, it melted my heart to realize that I was actually their Aunt! Jared and I are pretty lucky to have such amazing families, we love you all!!


Carolyn said...

That was so sweet! They are all so adorable and we love them as well!!!

Rachel said...

Super Cute! Can't wait to see how yours turn out.

Whitney and Chris said...

love those babies!! All of the kiddos are lucky to have an aunt bird and uncle bear! Mr. Big misses you two and can't wait to see you! Hopefully soon!

Shopkins said...

Stace I saw that you commented on my Blog but for some reason I clicked on your name and nothing showed up. So thank you for having your URL on your facebook info! :) Looks like you are just loving life!! I loved looking at your wedding pictures. i wish i could of been there!

Im here in Kentucky and just getting excited to go to Europe in like 4 days! :) I can't wait. we are loving kentucky, its very green!

Well keep me updated with your life!! Miss you!! O how i miss senior year of High school! Good times!

Cali Schaack's said...

Stace!!! I loved seeing all your wedding photos!! So Beautiful and of course you make the perfect bride. I love you and I think of you often. I hope all is wonderful you deserve every good thing that comes your way :}