Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Korean Brother

My little brother Wess is currently serving an LDS mission in Seoul South Korea. He's coming home in four weeks and my family is super stoked about it! About a month ago, a boy who he baptized moved out here to Provo to start going to school at UVU. His name is Tae Hwan and he is a great kid! Jared and I helped him find an apartment and we've also been able to spend some time with him these past few weeks. It has been really fun for me because I feel like he is my little brother since he talks about Wess all the time. I can tell that Wess really had an amazing impact on Tae, and I am so grateful that he is here in America. This past weekend we went down to STG for our nephew's 1st birthday part and we took Tae with us. Haha, the kid was very excited about this new adventure. During the Drake's party, I swear Tae ate like 3 hot dogs, 4 handfuls of chips, 3 cupcakes, fruit, veggies, crackers, rice crispy treats etc. He ate SO MUCH FOOD haha, we all thought he was going to get sick, but he just kept claiming that he loves American food and that he couldn't stop because it was so delicious! Not only is he a funny kid, he is also very very kind. He is one of the most gracious people I have ever met. Jared and I are both lucky to have been able to adopt him into our family, and we are excited for when Wessy gets home so Tae can hang out with him. We are all counting down the days!

PS- Pics will be coming soon. . . probably :)

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Josh and Kensey said...

That is way cool Stace! I didn't even know that Wess was on a mish and now he is almost home! CRAZY! I bet you are so excited that is so fun!