Sunday, February 14, 2010


I never liked Valentine's Day a whole lot, and I still don't even really care about it too much now that I'm married, but it is kind of fun to spend it with the Hubby instead of with roommates. This year we really do much but it's still been a good weekend. On Saturday Jared and I were hanging out at our apartment and randomly a dozen roses show up at our door (Thanks Babe!) I was pretty surprised, and appreciated the thoughtfulness of Jare Bear. Our Stake had this Valentine's Dance planned so a group of us decided we would all go, even though the husbands were not too excited about it. Jared and I went over to it, and we felt like we had been time warped back to the good ol' days of High School dances. We only lasted 30 minutes or so and then we went back home, ordered a pizza, and watched Apolo Ohno win the silver medal in the 1500M short track race. By the way, Jared and I are huge fans of the Olympics, it has been awesome watching them so far! We are so pathetic, we even moved our mattress into the family room so that we could watch the late night coverage, and for more comfortable viewing during the day! haha, we are weird! Last V-Day, Jare and I made the huge mistake of trying to go out for dinner in Provo . . . we will never do that again EVER! It was a nightmare, and I told him that I would make him something good for dinner this year. I decided to go all out and grill some steaks on our little pan grill thinger since we don't have a real grill. It actually turned out awesome! I got this recipe on a cooking blog, it was steak with Bleu Cheese sauce, so good!! Its been a great weekend and the best thing is that we don't have to go to school tomorrow, YAY!


Being a dork!

Our delicious dinner!

Last thing. . . I was getting sick of our blog layout, so I decided to change it to a new one, and I convinced Jared to design us a little logo to go at the top instead of using a boring picture like the last layout. I almost felt bad asking him because I didn't care all that much about how it looked, but I knew he'd take it too seriously, about an hour and a half later, he finished it :)


lehi + sasha said...

awe, stace!

so cute! man... graphic design major comes in handy, huh? so jealous.

AND the roses are beautiful!
hope you all had a happy valentine's day!

Melissa Adams said...

cute new blog! looks like a successful v-day if you ask me. I'm with ya though, not a huge fan of the day. not in a bitter 'i hate that i'm single' way but it just seems kinda silly. i'm glad that you guys had fun though! i'm sure that the day would be lots of fun with a boy/hubby. cute post! and good job jar on the flowers.

Carolyn said...

So fun! I'm glad you both had a nice Valentine's Day! Cute pictures! The blog design looks great...kudos to Jared...We miss you guys!
Love Mom

Josh and Kensey said...

Those Roses are gorgeous, don't you just love surprises! :) And your meal looks so delicious! You'll need to share the recipe! Oh and you and Jared are smart! Mattress in front of the t.v., it really is genius!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture with the rose in your speaks volumes. "Wanna Tango?"

We have a hard time celebrating V-day too. I think it is because we have Christmas, New Years, our Anniversary, and Jeff's birthday, and then by Vday we are all celebrated out of ideas. Looks like you guys made it a good one though!

Whitney and Chris said...

love the new look Bird's the Word! And the steaks...ummm they look delish. I will be needing the recipe! Can you believe that Snipers comes home in 8 days?!?! Crazy!

Emily Blais said...

K, let me just say, that if we dont become related, I might die. SO glad Wess is home. I am expecting a welcome home post here soon :) I wish we were going to see you guys this weekend. We will be missed ;) haha. Have fun in STG.