Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Sister. . .

Since our lives are boring here in Provo, I'm stealing this idea from Cousin Mel (haha jk Melis, I love you and I know that Weave is the only one who really gets away with calling you that!)

Dear Graphic Design Program:
Stop causing my husband stress
I don't like him coming home
so frustrated

Dear Carolyn:
It was fun seeing you last week
I hope you you got home safely
love you!

Dear Mom:
Thank you for listening to all
of the "drama" I tell you about
when I talk to you on the phone

Dear Pops:
Way to pull a Grisewald
with that trailer, hahaha!

Dear Durham Kids:
We love you and had
so much fun playing with
you last week!

Dear Mr. Big:
We miss you and can't wait
to see your teeth next time we're home

Dear Tutoree:
Sometimes I hate dragging myself
out of bed each morning to "help"
you, I'm really no help at all

Dear Piano:
Thank you for keeping me sane

Dear Kansas State:
Way to blow it!

Dear Duke:
You'd better win the whole thing!

Dear Husband:
I am excited for 2 weeks from now
when I will have you back from school

Dear Mac:
I love you with all my heart

Dear Laundry:
Why can't you just clean yourself?!

Dear Self:
Stop procrastinating all of your school
assignments and projects, it is going
to come back to bite you in another week!

Dear Animal Planet:
Stop showing creepy shows about
cats producing "frothing ecstasy"
that's just weird!

Dear Whitter Poots:
I love you and I'm glad you care enough
about our lives to stalk our blog and tell me to
make another post
PS- BTW??? Not funny woman!


Whitney and Chris said...

I approve of the post BTW! Loved them in fact! You need to get your booty down here and see the "park" that I am constructing in my yard. Well, really dad is constructing it but I have worked my butt of shoveling, raking, spreading, hauling, etc. Biggie better love the heck out of it cause it's been a beast of a project! Yay for only a few more weeks of the semester! Have you found an internship yet? As soon as Chris gets settled into his little apartment, biggie and I will be spending much more time up there so you better not be bailing for the summer! JK, you have to go where your husband is, but think of all the great things we can do on the nice summer nights in springville! I can't wait! Love you!

Carolyn said...

Great stuff! I loved reading this and I had a great time seeing you and Jared as well...home safe and back to the grind!!!