Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well the past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy to say the least. Two weeks ago I was in North Carolina presenting at a research conference. It actually turned out to be fun and it was just a good experience for me. Even though I was presenting research based on Math, I still appreciated the opportunity. Really, how many times in your life do you get to share your ideas with other people who are generally interested in what you have to say, and who actually understand and care about what you are saying?? Call me a dork/nerd/weirdo/math geek etc. but I don't care, it was still cool, plus I got to travel to the East side of the country and eat amazing Southern BBQ food, bless those southerners, they made my weekend blissful!

A couple of days after I got home from my conference, Jared left to go to NYC for an entire week. . . seriously might as well have been an eternity! I was happy that he had the chance to go out there with his classmates and get a feel for big city design, but I was definitely excited when he came home yesterday!

When Jared was in NYC, I actually headed to STG with my Korean brother Tae Hwan to welcome home my little brother Wess from his mission. It was awesome to get to see him after two long years! He is still the same old Wessy, but that's just fine with me. Our family is slightly (and when I say slightly, I really mean extremely!) outta control sometimes, so it was nice to see that he wasn't offended at our family's antics and obnoxious behavior! I'm sorry to say I don't have any pictures right now, but I guess I can steal them off of my sisters blog, and then post some more of my own when I take some. He's coming up here today to take a Korean test at BYU so we'll have a chance to hang out for a bit. I'm excited for him to finally meet Jared! Poor kid, I started dating Jared about 6 months after he left, and now Jared and I have been married for 9 months so Wess has been out of the loop. Ha, when we were at the airport, Wess looked down at my shoes and was like, "Whoa that's awesome you are totally wearing Vans!!" like I haven't been wearing Vans every day for the past 3 years or something, it was funny!
Lets see, top left is one of Wess with my Korean brother
Tae Hwan, middle left are Wess and Nick and then
with Wess and Meliss (his cute girlfriend!)

Ha, I love the "awkward handshake" there in the middle left.
Haha, and the typical "Asian" shot of us siblings giving the peace sign
it's weird to think we haven't all been together in two years!
Bottom right, Wess with our nephew Drake

More pics to come!


K-Rae said...

Wow! We were so close! That is so awesome that you got to talk about math research and such. I think my glasses slid down my nose reading this. ;) Love you babe!

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