Monday, August 30, 2010

50 something

My mom had her 50 something birthday a few weeks ago, and my sister started a list of 50 tid bits about our mom on her blog (click here to get the list), so I decided to finish the list to make it an even 100 tid bits about this wonderful lady we call mom.

51- She used to give me back scratches every night when we were little
52- She made almost all of my prom dresses when I was in high school
53- She always came to all of my basketball/softball games even though she was more nervous for me when I played
54- She is the first person I call when I have a question about cooking
55- She is fiercely defensive of her son-in-laws and future daughter in law, me and my siblings always get in trouble if we even joke around about our spouses in her presence
56- She loves sunrises
57- She loves petrified wood (haha)
56- She always likes to go on a good hike
57- She is a very fast reader
58- She broke her leg skiing several years ago
59- She was always there to listen and comfort me through my awkward high school years
60- She loves having our friends over
61- She drove us across the country to visit our family in Ohio a couple of years after we moved out here to Utah
62- She loves horses
63- She loves those little "precious moment" statues, dad would always buy her a new one if she was having a hard day
64- She played volleyball in college before she moved out to BYU
65- She was completely sold on Jared from the very first time she met him
66- She has the most funny laugh, especially when she's watching movies
67- She supports us in everything that we do
68- She is super savvy with her texting skills
69- She has a very similar relationship with her sister as I do with my own sister
70- She is always so excited to see us, even if its only been a week since being home
71- She can understand a little German
72- She passed both of her Praxis tests, so no more tests for her!
73- She is the voice of reason in our family
74- She always has the answers to my problems it seems
75- Her favorite color is yellow
76- I was the only kid to inherit her green eyes
77- She likes to make good German food
78- She also likes to watch the Animal Planet
79- Her and my dad were "24" junkies for the longest time
80- She can always find the positive in crazy, annoying situations
81- She puts up with my dad :)
82- And loves him despite his wierdness!
83- Even though she wanted me to go on a mission, she was more happy about me getting married
84- She missed my little brother more than anybody while he was in Korea (well not counting Melissa anyway)
85- She is good friends with my mother-in-law, who happens to be just like her
86- She loves her hot chocolate in the winter time
87- She has lots of freckles
88- She is the oldest of three kids
89- She always has a tidy house
90- She gets after us if we are ever being rude or obnoxious
91- She is actually not a huge fan of mother's day
92- She was way sad to leave Whit, Chris and Drake up here after helping them get moved into their new home
93- She can't wait for us to have kids
94- She was very proud of herself when she started wearing mascara
95- She loves The Sound of Music, she thinks Captain Von Trap is hot
96- She likes going to church with Jared and I when she visits
97- She is very good at making people feel comfortable around her
98- She loves to garden
99- She is proud of all her children
100- We are very blessed to have a mom as great as her!


Whitney and Chris said...

Love this BTW! We really could go on and on, even from 100! We really are SO extremely lucky to have her as our momma! Love you!

Momma G. said... have a wonderful mother! Jared is lucky too!!!

Kristin said...

This is so sweet! I need to talk to your mom about teaching. Speaking of which... are you by chance looking for a job? Our school may be hiring a math teacher in the next week (hopefully I'm not telling you this too late if you are looking).... middle school math? Let me know if so! (My e-mail is