Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Adventures

We will let the pictures do the talking because I'm not really in the mood to explain our trips at the moment. . . enjoy

Trip down to Cedar Breaks

View from the top of Brianhead Peak

We went with our friends Adam and Aubrey
Aubrey and I being models :)

Jared was enthralled with the rocks for some reason. . .

We climbed through a cave by the light of our cameras!

Stewart Falls

The rest of these are pics from our Gibbons family
vacation up to the Oregon Coast

Blake and Sheena's puppy Lucy

Andrew needed a bath after playing in the sand!

Our sweet tent!


Josh and Kensey said...

Gorgeous pictures! And you make a BEAUTIFUL model!! ::) Love you!

Skyler and Bailey said...

Stace! I found your blog somehow and I was so excited. So glad to see you are doing well. You and your hubby are cute.

K-Rae said...

Your pictures are amazing! I was just at Cedar Breaks and Brian Head last weekend! It was awesome. Your tent picture really looks like one for a catalog. How can you look so good when you are camping? :)

Channing said...

Stace-- talk about summer full of adventure! Your pictures are gorgeous! I'm coming next time with you guys k? And maybe my husband can come too? ok sweet!