Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing Parents

Last night Jared and I got to watch my sister's cute little son Drake (who we call Biggie) for a few hours. We had lots of fun watching "Fast Cars" and the "Prince Show" (aka Tangled), walking to the store for a treat and playing Mario Kart. We love hanging out with this little dude, he's pretty awesome!

The first thing he said when he walked in
"Bah watch Fast Cars!"
(He calls Jared "Bah" and Jared loves the nickname!)

Playing a little Mario Kart

He was pretty into it! Jared always says "Cheapos!" whenever
he gets hit by a shell or something like that on the game
so Biggie kept saying "ah cheapos!" too, pretty hilarious

He really liked climbing all over
our coffee table, I think he was impressed
because he doesn't have one at home he can climb on


This little video is funny, he thought that the race car in Mario Kart looked like Lightning McQueen (who Drake is obsessed with by the way) so he's saying "lightning mcqueen go fast!" He also refers to himself in third person sometimes, haha, so he was saying "funny biggie" too. Sorry about the crappy quality, but oh well!

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Momma G. said...

He is so adorable!