Sunday, May 15, 2011

Road Rash (and other recent events)

Sorry Climente (Jared's uncle), this post happens to contain no pictures, but that is probably better for everyone considering the only thing worth documenting on camera from the past few weeks is the bad case of road rash I have! Jared and I were riding our bikes a couple of days ago and I crashed pretty bad, which has caused more pain to my body than I can remember in recent history (especially the part where I poured hydrogen peroxide on my open wounds, yeah that sucked)! So now I have some pretty gnarly scrapes on my shin, my upper thigh and my elbow. I seriously feel about 90 years old cause I can't even walk normally, but oh well, it happened and now I just have to wait until it heals up!

The past few weeks have been a little crazy. We are both taking spring classes right now. Jared is taking a required writing class and finishing up his senior projects while I am taking a course on evaluation. I like this class because its an elective that is offered by a different department, so it has been really nice to get away from math ed. people for a little while! Jared got offered a job at a company close to Provo a couple of weeks ago (Xango, for those of you who know the area), but turned it down because it didn't feel right and he still needed to finish up a few things on campus this spring term. It was a little scary turning it down because it really would have been an ideal situation for us considering we could have stayed here while I finish up my program this next year, but it just didn't feel right, so we are hoping that something better opens up in the next couple of months.

Jared's big brother Brandt is getting married next week up in Portland, so we are getting excited for that. It will be really fun to get together with the whole family again, and Brandt's fiance Crystal happens to be pretty dang awesome so it's going to be a great trip! Lets see. . . other things worth noting. . . Jared got an iphone as a graduation present from his parents, I inherited his old ipod as a result, I passed my thesis proposal defense this past week which is a big step I had to go through in my program, we will have been married for two whole years :) this coming May 30th, we had a fun BBQ with my siblings and Mikell this afternoon, Jared is currently watching "Swamp People" and "Hogs Gone Wild" right now (you can only imagine the amazing entertainment these TV shows provide... haha thank you Chris Weaver for turning my husband into a hillbilly!), I've been having really weird dreams the past couple of weeks that random bad guys are trying to get me, we both got sick right around the week of Jared's graduation which was not very fun, and I recently discovered an extremely delicious chocolate chip cookie bar dessert recipe I've made twice this past week! Well that's about all the randomness that is going on in our lives for now, maybe the next post will feature something more exciting like pictures! :)

For those of you who want it, here's a link to those cookie bars, they are seriously amazing!!


Momma G. said...

Oh, no! Sorry about your bike wreck! I defintely know how that feels because I've had a few as you know! You'll be sore for a few days...get better soon! Looking forward to you both come up soon!

Rachel said...

Ouch! Sounds painful. You should send me the cookie recipe.

Tiffany said...

Ummm...I love that your husband watches Swamp People. Ryan loves that show. He always gets super stoked when there's a Swamp People marathon. Maybe us Musso girls just attract hillbillies - must be in the genes.