Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Baby Shower Ever!

I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of baby/bridal showers. I don't mind them, especially when its family members or good friends, but I don't get super excited about them. Anyway, tonight was my old roommate Julia's baby shower (you should check her blog by the way HILARIOUS. . . she's on my friend list "Jules and Sloan") and it was seriously one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time! First of all, Jules makes any get together fun because she's got such a great sense of humor and she tells great stories, second, most of us there used to live in the same apartment complex back in the day so it was awesome to catch up with each other.

The particular apartment that I lived in housed me, Jules, Kira and Marin. We've all gone our separate ways now but we had some seriously great times together when we lived there. Marin couldn't come to Jules' shower but while we were there, the rest of us had a good laugh at some of our old inside jokes. Haha, there was one day a few years ago when I got into a freakin weird mood. We were all hangin out in our living room and I randomly shouted out, "Lets do something crazy... like drive down to Vegas to see the water fountains!!!" haha they all got a kick out of it and Jules replied, in a very fast high pitched nerdy voice, "Stacie's gone wild driving to Vegas to see the water fountains!" Obviously it was way more hilarious to us in the moment, but after that every time I did something remotely funny, or even normal stuff I recieved a, "Stacie's gone wild making dinner in the kitchen!" "Stacie's gone wild picking boogers out of her nose" or my personal favorite that Jules reminded me of today (while we were doing donuts in my car in our parking lot after church one time) "Stacie's gone wild playing chicken with dangerous vehicles!!" LOL oh man I was seriously laughing so hard today, I even got tears in my eyes and that never happens!

Another random moment that came up today was when Marin told us about a time when she was driving up to a family cabin or something, and they passed through a ranch gate that said "Grandpa's Shining Mountain. . . The Laughing Place" For some reason at the time we thought this was so funny and we decided to refer to our apartment as The Laughing Place from then on. At the shower tonight, Jules had little onesies and t-shirts that we could color with fabric pens, so Kira and I got this bright idea to leave our legacy for the next generation. . . hence the extremely ugly onsies and t-shirt that we made for Jules!! To my credit, Kira was responsible for the "Grandpa's Shining Moment" onesie, haha the yellow spray marker paint thingy did not work out so well for her!

Me, Jules and Kira
(Sorry this picture is so grainy looking, bad quality!)

Kira's brilliant work!! Bahaha

Thanks again Kir for putting together the party tonight. Thanks Jules for having a baby so we had an excuse to get together and to Marin for always keeping us entertained when we lived together. You girls are some of the best roommies I've had, love you all!!

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Julia said...

Oh man, I just love you. I JUST DO.

Stacie's gone wild composing sentimental blog posts!!!!