Tuesday, June 21, 2011

True "Zoob"

For those of you (Te-Te and Oma) who don't know what a "Zoob" is, let me explain. A "Zoob" refers to those BYU students, the ones who have a 4.0 GPA, kids that wear knee length tan cargo shorts (whether they are boys or girls, they still wear um!) with Birkenstocks, the ones who go to all sporting events and now have Jimmer shirts adorning their closests. . . basically it just refers to the stereotypical perfect BYU student. Anyway, one activity that all Zoobs have to participate in is hiking the "Y" (see pic below). I'm well into my fifth year living in Provo and have successfully avoided this typical Zoob activity until last night.

Last night my friend Maddi (who I met when I was her TA last Fall semester, randomness!) invited us to hike the Y with her and her fiance, Alex. We decided that we might as well since I had never done it and we only have so many more days left in P-Town. I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I had thought, considering you basically hike straight up a mountain! It was fun to have our friends there because the conversation passed the time alot more quickly! The view was pretty, even at nightime! Although I don't consider myself to be a Zoob, I'm glad I was able to hike it. . .

Here is the famous "Y"
Quite the little hike

Take 1: Jared is too far away

Take 2: Alex cuts his own head off, ha!

Take 3: That'll have to do! :)

Mountain man as usual... So excited to use his
"enhances your night vision red light" headlamp haha

See Maddi, third group picture, we totally have the same eye color, crazy! No wonder we are both so beautiful! ;)

For a quick update. Jared and I are completely 100% done with taking classes at BYU forever and ever and ever!!! We both finished up our classes this past week and it feels great! Granted we both still have to finish a few things before we are completely done with our programs (Me: Obviously my thesis of doom! Jared: One design project), but we never have to take a real class again which is amazing! Jared is now completely immersed in the dreaded job hunt while working on campus full time, I am only working about 15 hrs a week and spending the rest of my time on that dang thesis I have to finish. We have no clue where we are going to be in three months, but neither of us are worrying about it overly much. It all depends on where Jared can get a job. Prayers are appreciated :)


Rachel said...

Good luck on the job hunt! I can't believe you had never hiked the Y before. It always surprised me how tough it actually was. You are expecting a little stroll and then realize that you are out of shape or the trail is pretty steep!

Lindsay said...

Congrats! When I graduated, it was so weird. It's still weird sometimes to not be in classes. I kinda miss it--school was something I did pretty well, and now it's over. I almost miss tests (!) because it would be nice sometimes at work to know exactly how I was measuring up (if that makes sense). So excited for you! Good luck on the thesis of doom--so glad I dodged that bullet...

Momma G. said...

Looks like fun! Glad you two are done!!! You are always in our prayers, but we'll especially pray for some jobs to come your way!!!

Sarah Hinckley said...

I know exactly what you mean by the stereotypical BYU student...and you know what? They drive me crazy! Every time I see a Zoob on campus, I chuckle to myself and think, "Oh if only they realized how dorky those khaki shorts with the polo shirts look..." Gotta love the BYU Zoobs and all their quirkiness.