Friday, November 18, 2011

Adopted Nephews

Some of our best friends here in Provo, Chase and Dana, just had twin baby boys about six weeks ago. I've spent the past couple of days hanging out over at their apartment helping Dana with the boys and it's been so awesome! Their names are Tate and Porter, and they are the cutest little babies in the world! Dana amazes me, I would definitely not be able to handle having twins, but she is a rockstar mom and every time I go over there I leave even more impressed by her mom skills! I've loved spending time with these boys and appreciate Dana letting me come and help her, it makes me excited for when Jared and I have our own babies. Chase and Dana are moving up to SLC soon, and luckily we will be moving up there eventually too, so we're happy that we will all get to live by each other for now. Can't wait to see Tate and Porter grow up in the next few years, they are going to be little studs!!

Tate (left) and Porter (right)
Seriously, how cute are these boys?!? 

I can't tell them apart in this pic, 
it looks like Porter on the left and Tate on the right
You might have to correct me Dana! :)


Katie and Ken Baldwin said...

Man, I miss being Dana's visiting teacher!!! I'm so glad they are all doing well. Thanks for keeping me informed! What darlings!!!

Dana and Chase said...

Stac this made me cry ur the best ever!!! I'm so thankfull for all ur help it's meant so much to me! And the boys love u!!!

lindseycragun said...

What sweethearts! I wish we were there to meet them! I just know all our little boys would be best friends!