Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Dance

I decided that there needed to be an entire post to the amazingness of this game and to the picture and video footage we have from playing it over the break! My dad definitely wins the award for best dance moves. . . too funny!!

My dad and brother shakin it with my 
extremely coordinated husband ;)

The video quality is terrible, but my dad was 
crackin us all up with his facial expressions
and killer moves!

The girls. . . we all look like fools but oh well!
Haha Drake definitely didn't want anything 
to do with the dance party


Momma G. said...

That looks too fun!!! Can't wait for you guys to head up here so we can have our own "Gibbons" dance party!!!

Rachel said...

I love this! What game are you playing? I totally want it.