Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend was actually somewhat eventful for us, considering the fact that we don't usually do anything extravagant. . . some married couples are cool and plan fun dates and all that kind of stuff. . . we are not one of those couples! But this weekend was fun. On Friday we stayed home and watched a movie, Law Abiding Citizen was on TV, that show is crazy! Saturday we slept in a little and we both had school/work stuff to do in the morning, but later in the afternoon we decided to take a drive up to Sundance because it finally snowed and we wanted to test out the skills of the Subi! He ran like a champ until we tried to turn around in a parking lot that had about a foot and a half (that might be a slight exaggeration!) of dense snow on the ground. Luckily some nice people were there and helped pull us out.

Jared got a little wet from trying
to get the car free!

Later that evening we went to dinner at PF Changs, thanks to my parents for the gift card from Christmas! We opened up our fortune cookies and got some pretty good advice

Ironically, we are going out of town this weekend (more on that later), but I wouldn't necessarily call our destination exotic. . . especially in the winter time. Also, we are hoping to get some good news as a result of this trip, so the fortune cookies happened to be spot on this time!

After dinner I got together with some of my friends for a girls night. My friend Emily threatened me until I agreed to let her paint my fingernails. . . which lasted approximately 20 hours or so as I just took the nail polish remover to them about an hour ago, hehe sorry Em! It was good to catch up with the girls, and Jared had a fun time watching some weird zombie movie (28 days or something, it sounded creepy!) while I was gone.

Today our friends Chase and Dana blessed their baby boys, so Jared and I went up to SLC for that. Chase and Dana are some of our closest friends up here, so it was great to be able to share the special day with them and it was fun to meet some of their family! After church we watched football and after getting in our fill of "Axe Men" (my bro-in-law will appreciate that!) we are off to bed. . . a pretty successful weekend by our standards! :)

With Chase and Dana
(observe the nail polish. . . ha)

I'm holding Tate and Dana is holding Porter,
cutest twins in the whole world!


Momma G. said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Fingernail polish is two look so cute...your friend's babies are adorable...your friend Dana has fun furnishings...and those fortune cookies...hmmm...

Dana and Chase said...

I'm so glad u came up for the blessing! U guys are the!