Monday, January 2, 2012


I was going to post about our holiday activities, but I can't find the camera cord so since I can't post any pics or videos, all I will say is that Christmas with Jared's family was super fun and we were lame and didn't do a whole lot worth reporting for New Years Eve ha! Maybe when I can find the camera cord I'll post about the holidays, but until then I'll post about 2012.  I'm not a huge fan of setting "New Year's Resolutions," in fact, I can't even think of a time when I actually sat down at the beginning of a new year and made goals, yep I'm that cool :)  This year will be no different, so instead, I'm going to write down a list of things that we "will do" and things that we "want to do" during 2012.

Things we will do. . . 

1. We will pay off our student loans, only 4 more months to go baby!
2. I will finish writing my thesis-of-doom and graduate with a Master's Degree!
3. Jared will get a roof rack for the Subi. . . already has half of it now
4. We will pay off my car loan
5. I will continue to make dinner most nights
6. Jared will continue to go on lots of bike rides
7. We will be moving up toward the SLC area, not sure where exactly, but somewhere north of Provo!
8. I will turn 25, the big quarter century year!
9. Jared will turn 28 this year. . . nothing special about 28, other than it sounds old ;)
10. We will watch the rest of the second season of The Walking Dead
11. I will exercise only when I feel like it, which is not often haha!
12. Jared will continue to curse the crappy Utah drivers on his commute to work.
13. We will be watching alot of basketball in the next four months and then alot of summer Olympics after that!
14. I will continue to watch our budget like a hawk because I'm a little OCD when it comes to finances
15. Jared will design some sweet stuff at work and will likely pick up some free lance projects on the side
16. We will spend alot of evenings hanging out and relaxing together, we just aren't the most social people on the planet!

Things we want to do. . .

1. We want to get some new couches, we are thinking a sectional
2. I want to fly back to Cleveland sometime over the summer so that Jared can meet the rest of my extended family back there
3. Jared wants to get fog lights for the Subi
4. We want to see the Hunger Games movie
5. I want to find a new apartment that is big enough to fit my piano
6. Jared wants to find a new apartment that is big enough for all of our biking and camping junk!
7. We want to go on a fun road trip somewhere with friends
8. I want to get a job as an adjunct professor at BYU teaching math (this is a freakin long shot but it would be cool!)
9. Jared wants to get a job at REI Headquarters (another long shot, but this is a list of "wants" people!)
10. We want to go to see a Jazz game when they play Jimmer's team
11. I want to learn how to cook some good German food like schnitzel and spaetzle
12. Jared wants to design a christmas card for us this year (I don't know if he really wants to, but I'm going to make him!)
13. We want to do something cool for our anniversary this year as we've always been too busy with school and family stuff the past couple of years

And last but not least

14. I want to get pregnant. . . totally depends on where we are at toward the end of the year and what I feel like I should be doing with my career at that point in time, but we aren't gettin any younger folks and we want to start having kids sometime in the next couple of years.

So there you have it. . . not a list of resolutions, but a more realistic list of things we will do and a somewhat far fetched list of wants :)

Oh yeah, and I want to get a massage, that sounds pretty amazing to me right now. . .


Shopkins said...

I love number 14!! So jealous about you paying of student loans...i need to know your secret in doing it so fast! :) Good for you Guys!! I sure do miss you Stace!! If you are ever in AZ you better let me know.

Rachel said...

Ahhh!!! Babies babies babies!!! Have a baby right away.

It is cool you are paying off all your loans. Think of all the extra money you will have each month without those payments! Way to go!

Sugar... said...

I want Jared to get a job at REI headquarters too, so he can hook us up!! Glad you've got your student loans all paid off. We'll be paying Jeff's grad degree loans until...forever. ;). And yay for more cousins! That's what I'm hoping for!

Skyler and Bailey said...

I love this post. You have inspired me to write down something similar!!

Joy in the Journey said...

I knew Hannah would tempt you to having a baby. She has a way of doing that to people :)