Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend with the Gibbons Fam

Well it was a super quick trip up to Washington for the funeral (Jared's grandpa) but it was great to see all of the Gibbons family. The funeral was really nice, I hope 60 years down the road (knock on wood) my funeral will be similar. My grandpa passed away several years ago and the comparison between his funeral and Grandpa Gibbons was completely night and day. None of my mom's extended family are LDS, so my grandpa's was pretty sad. Even though I knew I would see him again, it was still hard because I didn't feel that sense of hope that I felt at Grandpa Gibbons'. Kind of neat, Jared's grandparents have 40 or so grand kids, and they were all able to come to the funeral.

Ha, hanging out with his extended family has always been a little crazy as I only have 5 cousins on both sides and he has probably close to 100 between the two sides! It was fun to catch up with everybody. All of the guys were impressed with Jared's job at Trek, they thought it was pretty sweet. Jared and I got a lot of flak from everybody about seeing each other for the first time after almost a month. Haha, I think they were all expecting us to go nuts with the PDA but we have never been that way, so we did not embarrass ourselves! :) 

There were some pretty funny moments from the weekend that I have to share. I drove up with Heidi, Kell and two of Jared's cousins, Kira and Melissa. We got there Thursday afternoon before the viewing and had lunch and got cleaned up at Kira and Melissa's house. Their dad Clair was showing us this black bear he had shot and then mounted the skin (fur? whatever the politically correct term is) on the wall. Kell was trying to find the bullet hole and started rubbing this little black dot on the bear's skin.

Kell: "So is this the bullet hole??"
Clair: "Ummm. . . that's actually the nipple"
Kell:  "Oh. . . " (slowly removes finger from bear)

Haha we about died laughing. Oddly enough (not really ha) the second incident also involves Kell :)   As a preface, driving through Oregon is the pits for two reasons 1) the speed limit is only 65 and 2) you aren't allowed to pump your own gas, you have to wait for a gas attendant to do it. Anyway, we stopped in Oregon to fill up. We rolled the window down and were sitting there waiting for the guy to come over and get the credit card so he could pump our gas when Heidi started talking about how she thinks it's weird when pregnant girls talk about being "prego" or "preggers" etc. (she's 7 months along now and wonder woman for surviving a 12 hour drive in her state!). Kell was sitting by the window that was down and proceeded to shout her two cents worth on the issue while the gas attendent walked up to get the card from her:

Kell: "Yeah you just have to say I'M PREGNANT!!" (sees gas guy standing by the window and sheepishly hands over the credit card)
Gas Guy: ". . . uh. . ."
The rest of us: Bahahaha

The guy probably thought we were a bunch of crazy idiot girls but it was pretty freakin hilarious! Haha who just randomly shouts "I'M PREGNANT!" at a gas station?!

I wanted to take some pictures while we were up there, but my camera lasted exactly 4 pictures before dying on me, awesome. So I took them of two of my favorite people, our cute niece Hannah and Jared, while we were on our way to the funeral.

 Haha, pretty sure I caught her off guard

 Such a cute kid, I just want to squeeze her!

 Ha, nice face babe
Had to do black and white cause my camera takes crappy 
pics sometimes (I swear it's the equipment not the operator ha!)

I'm glad we were able to see Jared's extended family before moving out to Wisconsin since everything happened so quickly and he wasn't even able to really say goodbye to anybody before that. I will admit though, I'm somewhat relieved I never have to make the drive of doom from Utah to Washington ever again! (I'll be eating those words once I start the 21 hour drive from Utah to Wisconsin in a couple months though haha)

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