Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Basketball Memories

I was going through some of my old picture albums the other night and had a good laugh looking at the pictures I have from playing basketball with my friends through high school. If you knew me at all back then, you know how obsessed I was with playing ball, it pretty much consumed me for more than 4 solid years. I give basketball credit for teaching some of the best lessons of my life and for giving some of the best friends I've ever had. We've all gone our separate ways now, but it was pretty fun to remember some of the good times we had! I decided to scan some of the pictures and post them because they are funny to me haha! (Sorry for the poor quality but it's the best I can do!)

Bahaha the classic freshman picture! :) 
I look like I'm about 10 years old in this pic ha

That's me, #5

I'm pretty sure I sewed these sweats back in the day haha

We had a tradition of hiking Angles Landing 
in Zion as a team every year

At the top

LaRaine definitely ripped her pants on that trip
Hahaha don't ask me how, she was always doing stuff like that!

Seniors. . . minus Steph. . . where were you this trip?!

At a tournament in Arizona

A few of us did a three point shooting contest 

Havin a little fun after practice

Not sure what was going on here haha

Somewhere by Lake Powell in Arizona

Road Trip!

Uh. . . I don't even know lol

We did a scavanger hunt one day after practice

And this is what these weirdos showed up in! haha

Lol this pic cracks me up! 
Way to go Steph!


The only action shot I have from playing, kind of pathetic I know!

Varsity (don't mind the part down the middle 
of my hair. . . I was a tad bit haggard in high school haha!)

Good times, love these girls!

This year will be seven years since I graduated high school and so much has changed since then. Probably more than half of the girls in the picture above are married. Some of them have had a baby, others have had multiple babies! Some still live in STG but many of us don't. It's funny because everything seems so dramatic in high school, you can't imagine life past the next day, let alone what it's going to be like almost decade down the road. I remember the person I was then and am glad for the person I have become. I would never have guessed back then how things would be now seven years later, but if I could have looked into the future when I was a high school senior, I think I would have liked to see how my life has changed.

Anyway. . . this weekend is going to be a little crazy. We found out a of couple days ago that Jared's grandpa passed away, so everybody is headed up to Washington for the funeral. Although the circumstances are pretty unfortunate, it will be nice to see all of Jared's family and he is going to fly in from Wisconsin so we will be able to spend a few days together there! 


Shopkins said...

Wow...Those are some amazing photos...haha oh dear...that was the best year of HS for me. Thank you for being my FIRST friend in St. George. You are the greatest.

I have no idea where I was for that trip. I do remember that i was missin out on it. but not sure why.

Those were some great memories!! Thank you for sharing those pictures!! I haven't seen most of those before. Love ya Stace!

Josh and Kensey said...

Good times!!! Sometimes I wish that we could all get together and play one last big game! How fun would that be! Thanks for helping me remember all the great times!! Love you!

Jessie Rutledge said...

I love that you posted all of these pictures! Brings back so many memories. I really miss those basketball days and all the girls! Hope you are doing well Stac!

Kim and Kyle said...

Hahahahahaha love it! Those were some crazy days!