Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three Months

Another month has gone by, which is crazy, I'm not sure where the times goes! Things I want to remember about Asher at three months. . .

- He's still sleeping through the night without any problems. We put him to bed between 7:00 - 8:00 pm and he sleeps until 7ish in the morning. I know we are pretty lucky!

- He doesn't nap all that well during the day and usually wakes up after 45 min or so. He has a really hard time getting through sleep transitions. I tried pulling out the swing again and that helps, but the past few days they've still been short even though he's been in the swing so I think I might just bag that altogether, oh well.

- I moved him to a 3.5 hour eating schedule and that has been working pretty well the past few weeks. He eats around 5 ounces each time. He's not too picky about whether it's breast milk, formula or what the temperature of the milk is, which makes life a lot easier on me. He's a pretty laid back little guy.

- We pulled out the playmat for him last month and he has been obsessed ever since. He loves to lay underneath it and look at all the toys and the little mirror. His favorite thing to do is kick one of the poles so all the toys shake. He'd be happy playing under it for hours if we let him! He loves the little monkeys that hang down, he's obsessed with monkeys.

- He is starting to get a little bit better handle of his arms and hands. He is starting to reach for our faces and for his hanging toys. He's been sucking on his hands a lot lately, we'll see if he ends up being a thumb sucker like both of his parents were.

- He is a happy baby and continues to smile and "talk" to us all of the time. He always smiles and talks to us the most in the morning. I am not a morning person at all, so at least he's happy to start the day!

- He has had some pretty nasty blowouts during the past couple of weeks. Oxyclean has been my best friend since he's been born!

- Unfortunately he still doesn't like his carseat, but I just attach his bink to his strap so that I can reach back and help him if needed when we are at a stop light. We've also been hanging one of his monkey toys from the handle and he seems to like that.

- The stinking kid is a challenge to keep swaddled at night! One morning we went in to get him up and he'd completely come out of his swaddle blanket, arms and everything! After that night we decided to use two blankets and swaddle him twice which has worked well. Good thing it's the winter time so he doesn't get too hot with two blankets. It will be a great day when we don't have to worry about swaddling him anymore!

- He is officially in 3-6 month clothes and has been for almost a month now. It's kind of sad that he is getting so big! (I know he's really not that big, but still!)

- He holds his head up really well even though he doesn't really like to do tummy time. He loves to sit or stand on our laps and look around. He's also a big fan of doing "super baby."

- Changing his diaper has become a bit tricky now because he likes to kick his legs so fast.

Haha, Drake decided he wanted to 
be swaddled like Asher 

Seriously, why do boys get the 
long and naturally curled lashes??

He's not 100% sure about the baby carrier yet.

Meeting his cousin Eden for the first time.

Froggy for Halloween

He thinks he's big

Super Baby!

Nugs on the couch, because he didn't 
want to nap in his room that day, or ever really!

The monkey!

We spent the day with Dana and the twins,
Tate wanted to help me pat Asher to sleep, so funny!

Jared is so proud of the Patagonia winter suit we got for him,
not sure how much we will use it, but it makes dad happy so oh well!

First time in the Bumbo, he's still too small for it, 
he fell over to the side right after this pic!

More monkey play time

Too cool

Always happy when daddy gets home

This is what his face looks like 90% of the time,
he always seems so perplexed about everything!

Learning to walk, ha

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Momma G. said...

Awesome! Love all the pictures! I love you Asher! You are sooo cute!