Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Four Months

Well it's been a fairly busy couple of week with the Holidays, so this post is a little late, but oh well! We had a very fun Christmas with Jared's family up in Boise, and now we are back to the grind. Here are some things to remember about Asher at four months.

- At his four month check up he weighed 14 lbs and was 26 inches long. That is the 35th and 90th percentiles respectively. It has been two weeks since then and he definitely hit a four month growth spurt, so we think he's probably around 15 lbs now. Either way he gains most of his weight in his cheeks!

- He rolled over for the first time around the beginning of December. We had been trying to get him to do it for a while, but one day he decided to lean his head far enough over to the side to get his momentum going and roll. He has only done it a couple of times since then and not for a couple of weeks now. I don't really care if it takes him forever to learn how to roll, crawl and walk, I'd rather have him immobile for as long as possible!

- We gave him rice cereal for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he totally gagged on it! We made it too thick to start with, so once we watered it down a little it only took him a few times to catch on. I think he likes it pretty well. He had been eating around 6 oz with every bottle there for a while, but lately he's been eating a lot less. I'm not sure if it was from the growth spurt or because of starting rice cereal, but right now we are lucky if he eats 5 oz. at a time.

- He still loves his playmat and will play under it for long stretches of time without having to be entertained by either of us.

- He thinks it is really cool to watch the TV and to FaceTime on our phones. It must be the bright lights because he obviously doesn't have a clue what's really going on. We are going to take him to a movie with us tonight, so hopefully he'll just sit and stare. . . or fall asleep preferably.

- I took him down to STG to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago and he really loved watching their little dogs run around. He would reach out and try to grab them too, but luckily he never got a good grip on them.

- My nephew has a thermal receiving blanket that he sleeps with all the time and calls his "Little" so he wanted to get a "Little" for Asher to have. I slept with it a few times before Asher was born so it would smell like me and he has loved it since birth. I decided to start sticking it in his crib during naps to see if it would help him sleep any better and what do ya know, it totally worked. So he now sleeps with his Little all of the time.

- He loves to take baths. He will sit in the tub and splash and kick all over. It is seriously going to be a nightmare when he gets bigger and will probably soak us every time, but for now we think it's cute!

- He has been gripping his toys a lot better lately. He also loves to reach for our faces and try to grab onto anything he can get his hands on.  We've got to keep his fingernails pretty short because he's clawed us pretty good a few times.

- He does not like wearing any form of hat. We tried to take some pictures of him with a Santa hat on for our Christmas card and it really pissed him off (See funny pic below). He usually fusses when we put his beanie on, but has gotten better at tolerating it.

- For the most part he just sleeps in his crib, but on the occasions that we are out and about or at church, he will only fall asleep if I am holding him. I won't lie, it's kind of cute and I secretly love it, but the kid is pretty freaking heavy so it starts to hurt after a while!

- He has started to make some laughing sounds. He hasn't given us a full gut laugh yet, but he has a distinct little grunt he makes now when he is happy. He has also been talking a lot more lately and doing random little high pitched screams, it's cute.

Jared and I decided to get a nice camera to document our growing family. It was our Christmas present to ourselves as well as from our parents, so thanks guys, we love it!

He thought he could be a big kid 
and hold his bottle by himself.

His typical face

This was the peak of our nap time desperation,
I've since gotten rid of the changing pad and use rolled
up blankets instead. You do what you gotta do!

This was the face right before he had a meltdown 
because he hates wearing the hat!

He's not sure about snow yet.

Lots of baby cousins at Christmas. 

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