Saturday, January 18, 2014

Five Months

Things I want to remember about Asher at five months. . .

- This kid has always loved to stand, even when he was still tiny. I honestly can't remember a time when he preferred to sit on our laps as opposed to standing. Because of this obsession, we decided to get him one of those jumperoo toys and he loves playing in it! It took him a couple of days to figure out that he can jump up and down, but since then it's been his favorite thing to do.

- Since he's been playing in his jumper so much he isn't as happy playing under his playmate anymore. I think it also is frustrating for him when he tries to grab onto the toys that are hanging down and he can't get a good grip on them. I am going to pull it out again when he starts gripping things better, but for now he is happy to either lay on a blanket with nothing around him or just play in his jumper.

- He has started rolling over from back to front. He is kind of a weirdo because he still won't go from front to back, and I thought most kids did that type of rolling first. Anyway, he isn't quite good enough to do it spontaneously by himself, he usually needs some sort of motivation in the form of reaching for a toy or one of our hands.

- It was crazy, once he figured out how to roll he started sleeping like crap at night. It literally happened on the same day! We've been swaddling him since birth and all of a sudden he started arching his back and moving himself all over in his crib. He would get himself pushed up right against the corner of the crib and try to shove his face into the rails and suck on them, so funky! He'd wake himself up and cry, so I was making several trips into his room at night to move him back to the middle of his crib. I decided I'd had enough of that crap so we got him a sleep sack thing that is supposed to help transition him out of the swaddle. We used it last night and he slept through with no problems, thank the good Lord! I also like it because it covers his hands so he can't scratch himself and it will keep him warm since he kicks off any blankets we put over him in about .02 seconds!

- He has still been eating his cereal, we usually give it to him at night before bed. I've also given him sweet potatoes and he seems to like those pretty well. I had been hesitating to start giving him fruits and veggies because I didn't want to have to start worrying about that yet, but I think he is ready for it  so I'll probably start out with just one serving a day and go from there.

- He still talks and smiles a lot. He does laugh but it's only happened when he's deliriously tired.

- He's a very observant little guy so if we are ever in a new environment he just looks around and stares at everything. He will smile at people he doesn't know but it usually takes a minute for him to warm up.

- Since he started solids he hasn't blown out of very many diapers, thank goodness! I can only remember one blowout since we've gotten back from Christmas, and even then it wasn't too bad.

- The carseat is not his worst enemy anymore! He has finally gotten to the point where he can go a whole ride without his binky and still not fuss, woohoo!

- I swear he gains most of his weight in his cheeks. He definitely has some rolls on his legs, but they aren't too big yet. He's still long and lean for the most part.

- He is starting to get better at sitting up. Obviously, he still needs some support, but he can hold his weight up by himself for a few seconds at a time.

- He still loves the monkey stuffed animal we got him for Christmas and usually likes to chew on it.

- Since it's the winter time I almost always have him in socks, but the other day I didn't for whatever reason and he discovered this fun thing called toes!

- He is a drool bucket to the max!!! It's not so bad if he's laying down, but if he is standing or sitting then he soaks the front of his shirt in less than 2 minutes!

- His hair is getting so long! I used to be able to do a little spike mohawk thing with it, but now it's so long that Jared won't allow me to continue doing that since he thinks it looks weird on him haha. So now we are stuck to doing the side comb over, whatever, he's still pretty stinkin cute!


Tricia Jeanne said...

dude stop putting mascara on your baby. hahaha! ;)
but really, what settings do you usually shoot at? I have a hard time getting that kind of focus, maybe my house isn't as bright as yours.

Rachel said...

He is so cute! What camera and lens are you using? The pictures are amazing. I want to get a camera like yours.

Momma G. said...

Those pictures are just adorable! Loved seeing those! Oh, we love that kid!!! :)