Monday, May 19, 2014

Nine Months

Things I want to remember about Asher at nine months. . .

- This kid has become OBSESSED with balls during the past few weeks. He's got several different ones and he loves pushing them around and crawling after them. He does this little swipe thing to "pass" the ball to us. It is seriously funny how much he loves those things. Other favorite "toys" he likes to play with are his socks and shoes. If they aren't on his feet then he likes to grab one in each hand and shake them around.  Oh and we can't forget that he tries to grab any electronic device we may happen to leave within reaching distance.

- He uses books and DVD cases as push tools. I don't know why he likes this, but if you set two books down in front of him, he will put one hand on each and start crawling around, it's so funny and random!

- He loves to eat anything that we are eating. If he sees us with food, he will make a beeline over and expect to get a taste of what we have. We appreciate the fact that he will eat anything and isn't picky so far.

- He learned how to crawl up the stairs. I showed him how to use his knees a couple of times up and after that he got the hang of it and it's no problem now (it probably helped that I propped up my kindle so he had some motivation to get up the stairs haha). He hasn't fallen yet, although I'm sure that will come before he learns how to go down.

-  He has become much more talkative lately. He is constantly grunting or screeching. He knows how to have a "conversation" back and forth now, so if you grunt at him, he will do it back. He also sticks out his tongue at random times too.

- Even though he just got the crawling down the past few weeks, he thinks he needs to walk already. He figured out how to pull himself up onto everything, so now he walks along the couch and coffee table. He will reach for both of our hands to make us walk with him, and if he does sucker us into that then it is game over, full out pissy fit when we set him back down!

- He does this funny little face that we call "the bulldog" face. He sticks his chin out and his eyes get all squinty, it's pretty cute. He hasn't done it as much anymore, but luckily I got a couple good pictures of him doing it because it's a crack up.

- He likes to play with the wooden blinds that cover the back doors in the kitchen, but they aren't the most sturdy things around, so I've been trying the whole "no" concept with him. When I see him crawling over there I'll say, "Asher, no" in my "stern" mom voice and explain that the blinds are not toys (sometimes I talk to him like he's five when I reason with him). Almost every time he'll stop and look at me, but then more often than not he'll just smile and keep going over there. So I figure I've won half the battle since he actually does stop when I say his name, but for now I've just been moving him back to the family room so that he'll get distracted by toys or something else, which is one awesome perk of him having like a 2 second attention span!

- Although he doesn't full out gut laugh all of the time, he's been doing it more often lately and it's so funny.

- He has recently started saying "mamama" obviously he doesn't really have a clue what he's saying, but every time he does it I point to myself and repeat him, and then I give Jared a winning face since I  think he's going to say Mom before Dad!

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Momma G. said...

Ahhh...cutest kid ever! Those are such cute pictures of him!