Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eleven Months

I missed 10 months, so here is a combined 10-11 month post about what I want to remember about Asher. . .

- He likes to cross his feet when he is sitting down. It is the funniest thing! He does it more so when he is not paying attention, but it still happens pretty frequently.

- He has a receiving blanket that he loves to sleep with, we call it his "little." He can't go to bed without it and he gets really pissed if it drops out of his crib! Luckily he's only chucked out a handful of times, I think he realizes that it's not a good idea so he doesn't do it that often. He also has a stuffed animal, a lion, that we put in there with him too. He will sometimes lean his back against it when he sleeps, pretty stinkin cute!

- He has started to climb over anything that is on the ground and he's already attempting to try and climb up onto the couch (which is still impossible unless one of us is sitting on the ground and he uses us like a ladder!). One game he likes to play recently is hide and seek. So one of us will lay down on our side on the ground and he'll have a toy in his hand that we will steal and put behind our back. He'll lean way over until he can see the toy and then climb over us to get it. He gets so proud of himself!

- He still loves most food. He has become more picky about the order in which he wants to eat it though. When he wants a bite of something different, or a drink of water, then he will put his hands up by his face or turn his head to the side. He has gotten alot better at drinking out of a sippy cup. We found that the children's camelback water bottle with the straw is what he drinks out of the best. Random, I know. Water goes through him in about 2 seconds, so we've started limiting how much he drinks at dinner so that he doesn't pee out of his diapers at night.

- His obsession with having something in each hand at all times continues. His favorite thing is still getting one sock in each hand and crawling around like that. He has the weirdest little quirks about him!

- Now that summer is in full swing, we've taken advantage of the pool in our complex. He really likes to swim, which I'm not surprised about because he's always liked water.

- We decided to start putting him in a forward facing carseat. He hasn't hit the year mark yet, but he's already past the weight limit and I'd rather not have him melt in the back seat in his back facing one. So far he seems to enjoying being able to look out the window when we are out and about. He still doesn't like long road trips, but I don't blame him there.

- His one top middle tooth cut through maybe 6 weeks ago, something like that. I kept thinking the other one was going to come in with it, but it only just now is starting to come down. He looks pretty funny with just the one tooth up top, we call it his snaggletooth haha!

- We are trying to teach him how to go down the stairs, but that is still definitely a work in progress. Luckily he's always stopped when he gets to the top step and hasn't fallen yet, but hopefully he can get it figured out sometime soon.

- He has started saying "dadadada" and "mamama." I have found that mamamama means any of the following depending on his mood: I'm tired and need a nap, I'm hungry why are you not feeding me?, I'm pissed because I want something I can't reach or have,  I'm sad and need a love. Haha, one of these days he'll figure out that it means me, which I'm sure will be very cute for the first few months and then will get old after the millionth time that I've heard it :)

- He is still not a very cuddly baby at all, but every so often during the day he will crawl over and want to sit in our laps. He also likes to lean up against us if we are sitting on the ground with him. It's so funny, he's a little lounger.

- He doesn't really have any separation anxiety (thank goodness!) but he does get really mad if you leave him by himself in a room. I feel bad, but sometimes I have to run upstairs to get something and he'll scream the whole time up I'm there.

- He is able to stand by himself for several seconds at a time and has been doing that for the past couple of weeks. Then just yesterday he took his first steps by himself! One of his favorite things to do is walk around the computer chair since it's a spinning one and he can do the walking himself. He thinks it is pretty cool!

- He knows how to play the "chase" game and starts laughing when we play it with him.

- He has started to clap, it's pretty adorable!

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Momma G. said...

I loved reading all of that and those pictures are so adorable! I love the one of you all three up close! So adorable! I need a copy of that one for my picture wall!