Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Quotes Part 2

Jared: I can't stop eating these, they must have cocaine in them! (In reference to the Otter Pops we used to have in our freezer...)

Jared: I did that on my last life, that was under pressure and I handled it! Put that on the blog! (Right after he beat a hard level on Crash Bandicoot)

Stacie: Stupid BYU police, they'll probably give me a ticket for walking the wrong way...

Stacie: I really like you
Jared: Like 700??
Stacie: No like a bajillion!!
Jared: A bajillion???
Stacie: No that's not possible that's not even a word.
Jared: Yes it is, I needed to make copies for work and they told me that I needed to make a bajillion and I was like, "What, I can't make a bajillion" and they told that it was possible so I made a bajillion!
Stacie: Uh... You're kind of a freak show!

Jared: Ginobili is the best basketball player in the world
Stacie: Do not blasphemate in this apartment!!!
Jared: That's not even a word
Stacie: Yes it is!
Jared: Not in the way you used it. . .
Stacie: Fine blasphemer


Kim and Kyle said...

Um...I LOVE Crash Bandicoot! I think i'll go play it now!

Momma G. said...