Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Moms

Jared and I are both lucky (like everybody I'm sure) to have great moms. The funny thing is, both of our moms are very similar in personality. Actually both of our dads are similar too... except my dad, bless his sweet heart, is way more obnoxious sometimes!! Haha, just kiddin pops I love you and your craziness! Anyway, back to our moms. I know this is a day late, but I wanted them both to know how much we love them. I've been into lists lately, so here are some tidbits about both. Oh and sorry these are the only pictures I could find of them. They are mostly from our wedding, I really need to be better about taking pictures at family get togethers.

Carolyn (Jared's Mom)

1- She makes the BEST cinnamon rolls in the whole wide world!!!
2- She likes to go to garage sales and estate sales
3- She likes to buy lots of cool stuff for her house when she is at said sales (She found a sweet crock-pot for Jared and I that only cost 10 bucks!)
4- She really likes to drink water, best part of dinner
5- She grew up in Centerville Utah
6- She's run the STG Marathon like 2 or 3 times, crazy!!
7- The first time I met her, she said something like, "So I hear you're dating Jared a little bit??" I was like, "Uh...yeah if that's okay." haha she laughed and said "Of course that's cool!" She made us the best homemade lasagna that day and I've loved her ever since! ;)
8- She has a very beautiful alto voice
9- She made all of the food for our open house up in Yakima, those cupcakes were delicious!
10- She can never stay awake during a movie, even if we start it at like 6 pm, haha I'm exactly the same way though!
11- She is really good on the Wii Mario Kart game, baha!
12- She has about a TON of cook books in her kitchen :)
13- She is the grandma of four, and all of those kids adore her
14- She has wiped out pretty bad on her bike
15- Sometimes she makes really funny noises at random moments in the movie theater (Remember Valkarye?!?! Haha!)
16- She likes to go to the craft store (much to mine and Mikell's horror but Heidi and Sheena's delight!)
17- She helped raise 5 awesome kids!
18- She has really amazing hair, I wish I knew how to curl mine like her
19- She'd do anything for anyone
20- Go to this page to read a really funny story about her job!

Kathy (My Mom)

1- I don't think she ever missed going to one of my basketball games in high school
2- She teaches 7th grade science
3- She loves to read
4- She has some pretty sweet Harley gear
5- She played volleyball in high school and college
6- She joined the church when she was at BYU going to school
7- She is a very good listener, and has been on the receiving end of many of my random thoughts
8- She is 18 months older than my dad
9- All of the kids on our street love her and want to play at our house
10- She is the mother of 6 (4 kids and 2 scruffy dogs! Haha!)
11- She is the grammy of one very cut little baby, excuse me, toddler (He is so huge now!)
12- That kid only has eyes for his grammy when she is around!
13- She is appalled by some of the "Musso" dinner conversations, especially by some of the ones we've had in public!
14- She made my wedding cake, my sisters wedding cake, cousins, family friends etc. I know, she's amazing like that!
15- She loves to listen to me play the piano (That goes for Carolyn too!)
16- She worked at the high school I graduated from, I loved being able to go and hang out with her during the school day
17- She has alot of patience (especially given the fact that she's put up with my dad for all these years! ;) baha!)
18- She adores my husband, both my parents were all for him right from the beginning
19- She has a heart of gold
20- She always gives really good advice

We sure love you two ladies, thanks for being amazing! (Caution: Anything listed after 20 would be my husband's handiwork, so if it's weird, you'll know who to blame!)

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Momma G. said...

Oh, that was just so sweet! That made my day Jared and Stacie!! Thanks so much! We love you just as much and miss you both! Can't wait until the end of the summer! (You WOULD have to mention the theatre episode! LOL)