Monday, May 31, 2010

One Year!

It's crazy how fast the time flies by, it's already been an entire year sine we got married! So here's a run down of the past year...

Well, we got married on May 30th 2009!

It was a pretty fun day, even though it was extremely hot in STG!!!
But even though it was hot we still
had a fun time with our friends and family

And niece and nephews

Jared got a little crazy with the cake!
Such a great day though!

Last summer Jared took his last graphic design pre-requisite
and we both worked on campus. We were lucky enough
to be able to chill with our family alot

In July we went up to Hebgen Lake with Jared siblings,
it was a blast!!!

We missed Blake and Sheena though :(
(We can't wait till the Oregon Coast this summer though!)

In August we went on our amazing cruise!


When we got home from our cruise we found out
that Jared got accepted into the BFA Graphic Design program!!!
(Don't worry people, it's one of the top three graphic design
programs in the whole entire country!)

I learned how to cook some pretty amazing food,
obviously it wasn't that amazing given Jared's face here haha!

I did student teaching last fall, and it was so much fun!
My kids were the best!

You can tell they knew me so well :)

Jared had his 25th birthday in November
and we spent Thanksgiving with my family in STG

We got our first Christmas Tree!

We spent Christmas with Jared's family in Yakima,
it was such a blast!!!

We went to Seattle for New Years!

When school started back up in January Jared
was into his second semester of the BFA program
and I decided to take a few more classes and apply for grad school

This was on Valentine's Day
I made a delicious steak dinner and that's about all we did!

My little brother Wess got home from his mission,
and Jared got to meet him for the first time

I found out that I got into grad school!

I graduated from college!

We completed our first major project together!


Emily Blais said...

holy cow, I can't believe its been a year. Congrats you guys! You make a great team! Cant wait to see you both soon ;)

Momma G. said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We forgot to call on Sunday! It looks like you had a great time and it was so fun to read the blog and all the things that have happened over a year's time! Your dress is really cute Stacie! We can't wait to see you both in August! It will be here before we know it! Love you both!

Elizabeth Adams said...

You guys have had quite the memorable year and accomplished so much. It almost makes me a little tired to read how ambitious you are. Congratulations to both of you and what a great memory you will always have of this year because of your blog. I wish I had one and could read about my first year, but I know it was not that exciting. And P.S. you have set a very high standard for the anniversary each year. That was quite a production. Impressive!

Rachel said...

Wow, what a busy year! I didn't know it was your anniversary on Sunday!