Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Mornings

I'm feeling a bit guilty this Saturday morning, well most Saturday mornings I feel a bit guilty, and here's why. . . I get up (after sleeping in a little!), eat some breakfast and then either start working on HW (like this morning) or go grocery shopping. Usually while I participate in these activities, Jared takes it upon himself to clean the apartment, even though he has other things to get done as well. Right now he's deep cleaning our stove. Who lets their husband do that every single Saturday?? I'm lazy. It's not like I don't do my fair share of cleaning throughout the week, but it always seems like Jared spends every Saturday morning doing dishes, sanitizing counters, vacuuming etc. Maybe I should just feel grateful he's 1) a neat freak and 2) willing to clean at all, but right now I just feel bad that I'm being selfish and doing HW instead of helping. Thanks baby for being so considerate each week.

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Josh and Kensey said...

A man who cleans?!!? Where can I find one of those?:)